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Your new go-to accessory: Clear frame sunglasses

Summer is finally here, the weather is warmer and it’s time to switch your glasses out for prescription sunglasses.  

In the last few years, clear frame glasses became all the rage for that modern Scandi-look, and now clear sunglasses are undergoing the same treatment. Effortlessly cool and stylish, these sunglasses are a versatile style that will look good all summer long, suiting every skin tone and hair colour due to their subtle colouring and transparent frames.

How to style clear frame sunglasses

Clear frame sunglasses can suit any skin tone and hair colour, as long as you choose the right style of frames for your face shape — whether that’s glasses for wider faces or more petite ones. Clear sunglasses are also a unisex style that works just as well for men as for women. 

Once you have found the right style of transparent sunglasses, dress up or down at your leisure. For everyday style, pair with workwear to look the picture of sophistication, then accessorise with hair, jewellery or makeup for the evening, and the transparent frames will allow your personal style to shine through.  

Classic clear frame sunglasses 

For fans of the sophisticated clear frame eyewear style, make an easy transition from glasses to sunglasses with these LEVI’S clear frame round-eye sunglasses. Clear frames are the simplest way to elevant any outfit and achieve the effortlessly chic Scandi-look popularised on Instagram. Wear these classic clear sunglasses with a lightweight trench coat and chunky white trainers and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the plane from Copenhagen.  

Retro style clear frames

From the Y2K revival to 90s street style, fashion is all about throwbacks at the moment and transparent sunglasses frames are all the hype.

A modern trend meets a classic style with these Specsavers Narcissus sunnies with a rounded clear frame.

Pair these retro clear sunglasses with a colourful summer dress for a fun and feminine picnic in the park and let your outfit do all the talking.

Pink transparent sunglasses

Elevate the clear eyewear style by opting for transparent sunglasses frames with a colour tint.

These Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses are a perfect example, created with a subtle pink palette. Perfect for anyone wanting to try this summer’s pink trend.

Liking the pink vibe? Find our top pink sunglasses and glasses picks here.

Bold translucent sunglasses

The great thing about clear frame sunglasses is that you can go as subtle or as bold as you like.

If you want to try something a little more daring, the Specsavers Sandwood frames are the ones to reach for.

The statement sunglasses combine crystal-yellow acetate with chunky abstract patterned sides. The perfect pick for festival season

90s oval clear frames

Another clash of old-meets-new styles, 90s oval clear frames are a festival favourite. These Specsavers Harp Seal sunglasses have a caramel-brown tint to their clear frames, which would best suit brunette or blonde hair colours. Wear these clear frame sunglasses with denim shorts and a denim jacket for a 90s double denim look that leans into the retro style.  

Tortoiseshell style sunglasses 

If you are loyal to the classic animal print, why not mix it up with these Specsavers Basa Sun sunglasses for something a little different? The transparent acetate frames are paired with brown tinted lenses and tortoiseshell print sides. These sunglasses could be worn for work or play and are very on-trend with brown being a current fashion favourite. 

Nature-inspired frames

When choosing sunglasses, style and shape might not be the only deciding factors. Luckily, Specsavers offers a range of sunglasses that are partially made from recycled and bio-based materials. These Specsavers Valerian clear frame sunglasses are part of our ReWear collection, meaning their manufacturing process involves taking discarded water bottles and using them to create high quality, durable and desirable frames. Wear these sunglasses with your favourite second-hand or vintage outfit to complete the eco-conscious fashion experience. 

Find your perfect pair

If you’re still not sure about the perfect pair for you, then take a look at our buyer’s guides to help you choose glasses based on your hair colour and face shape.

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