Spring/Summer 2022: This season’s fashion trends

Bright sunshine is well on its way back to us and at long last, pandemic restrictions are at the back of our minds. Let's make the most of it by immersing ourselves in the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends all season from beginning to end!

We’ve made the process of choosing the right eyewear for you this upcoming season simple with a round-up of the hottest trends. From international runways to top fashion magazines, our team have searched far and wide to curate the perfect guide to every eyewear trend you’ll be sure to see this summer.

Read on to discover exclusive SS22 fashion trends. You heard it here first!

Trend one: Pastel colours

A quick glance at social media will make it crystal clear that pastel clothing is having its moment in the spotlight. This affinity for dusty hues is no different for accessories, including prescription sunglass frames. 

Tackle this trend head-on by putting a contemporary spin on the classic rounded style with these unique Specsavers sunglasses. The pastel pink acetate frames are perfect for those long summer evenings in the park with a picnic. Pair with a pink and white gingham print (whether that’s a dress, top, or skirt) and white trainers to complete the look.

The great part about introducing pastel colours into your eyewear collection is that they’re a fun but adaptable option. For example, these two-tone glasses provide you with an easy and affordable way to incorporate pastel colours into your wardrobe as and when you want! 

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Trend two: Square frames

When the sun begins to shine in the early Spring months, it means one thing: UK fashionistas are ready to have some fun with their outfits. Well, guess what? We think that wearing a pair of attention-grabbing square sunglasses may be just the key to satisfying this urge. 

Square-framed sunglasses are a timeless classic, but they are also a style that is set to explode this season — having been on the sidelines in recent years. The secret ingredient to this shape’s winning formula is most definitely versatility; as a silhouette that can complement any face shape. Take these tortoiseshell shades, they would look perfect paired with a crisp white shirt in the evening sun.

The good thing about this Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trend is that they are here for the long run so why not upgrade your eyeglasses game twofold with these classic squared frames? What’s more, kill two birds with one stone and add a reaction lens to your frames. That way your lenses will be clear indoors but darken like sunglasses in the summer sun. That means one pair of glasses for all conditions!

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Trend three: Statement or oversized specs

Sunglasses are often seen as an ‘accessory’ or a way to compliment an outfit. But what if we viewed a pair of glasses as the way to make an outfit? That’s definitely something you can achieve by choosing a statement frame that stands out from the crowd. 

One way to do this is by selecting an oversized frame, which comes with the added bonus of accentuating your natural facial features — especially if you have a more rounded face shape. These glasses are a great example, featuring a tasteful pale-pink crystal acetate with an exposed metal core. Pair these 70’s-style glasses with your summer work wardrobe to make a statement without relying on daring jumpers or outerwear.

For a more masculine option, make a bold choice with these gunmetal pilot-style frames. A modern and futuristic take on a vintage style, with square-shaped lenses balanced against seamless hinges and slender metal wireframes. These specs would look super cool paired with a grey monotone outfit, shaken up with contrasting tones and fabrics.

Want to know how they would look on you? Make a choice online with our virtual try-on service or get more guidance on what glasses are the right ones for you in our Buyer’s Guides on hair colour and face shape.

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