How much do hearing aids cost?

Our products range from a basic digital hearing aid to the most sophisticated currently available, and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. Prices start from £495. View full range

We’ll help you choose the right hearing aid

Our digital hearing aids are suitable for all types of hearing loss, the price is determined by the type and number of features the aid has, not the severity of your hearing loss. We’ll talk you through the different shapes of hearing aids, what type of batteries they use and how the hearing aid will suit your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Our full hearing aid range

Our branded hearing aid range features some of the biggest names in hearing: Signia, Phonak and ReSound. Specsavers advance is our own range of digital hearing aids designed and built for us by world-leading manufacturers.

To help you, we have broken down our current hearing aid range into a star system based on the functionality of the hearing aids we stock and the prices.

TypePrice per pair Includes 4-year warrantySound quality Filters out unwanted noise, allows you to focus and determine where sounds are coming fromActive lifestyles Hear clearly in dynamic environments, including when you’re out shopping, walking or cyclingHear speech in noise Follow conversations easier in busy or crowded placesRechargeable option No more fiddly batteries

Visit us in-store and find
your perfect hearing aid

Our prices always include:

A hearing check

Two digital hearing aids

Aftercare for life

Four years’ supply of batteries*

Choice of fitting styles

90-day money-back guarantee

Four-year warranty

* Excludes rechargeable hearing aids, which come with either appropriate charger unit or rechargeable batteries.


At Specsavers we aim to make our pricing as clear and plain as possible. Your purchases at Specsavers are treated differently for VAT purposes – the purchase price includes a charge for the goods (on which VAT is payable at 20%) and a charge for the professional services (which are exempt from VAT). A detailed breakdown is available on your proof of purchase.