Top-up your contact lens supply without the faff of putting in all your details again. If you already have an account, all it takes is three easy steps:

Log into your account through My Contact Lenses

Go to 'Express re-order' to find your past order

Place your order again securely


How do I repeat my last order?

After you’ve logged into your account, click the express re-order button in the top right corner of
your screen. Your express re-order, delivery address and payment details will default to the last
order you placed online.

Can I change my express re-order?

You can choose from any of your prior orders to express re-order. 

How do I change my payment/delivery details for my express re-order?

All your payment and delivery details are shown underneath your express re-order basket. You can
choose a different option from your existing address book and wallet, or you can add new details. 

How do I know my order has gone through?

You’ll get a confirmation email once your payment has all gone through. If, for some reason, your
payment isn’t successful, you’ll be asked to select another card from your wallet or just add a new

What happens when my card expires?

If a card from your wallet has expired, you’ll be prompted to select an alternative card from your
wallet, or you can add a new one. Then it’ll be ready for the next time you express re-order.  

What happens if my prescription has expired?

We’ll email you when your prescription is expiring and ask that you book an appointment in store
to make sure it’s up to date. Don’t forget, if you sign up to our Easycare package, you can get your aftercare check-up at no extra charge.

What happens if the payment doesn't go through?

You’ll be notified if your payment is unsuccessful and be asked to select a different card from your
wallet or add a new one