While you recharge your batteries,
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revolutionary rechargeable hearing

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Signia Cellion primax

Signia Cellion primax hearing aids are a revolution in rechargeable hearing – they are truly hassle-free and ideal for customers who don’t want the fuss of changing batteries.

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Hearing aid and notepad

Smart, simple and powerful

They are the hearing aid with lithium-ion inductive charging – with their smart electronics they start charging automatically as soon as they are placed in the charger, and then they turn on automatically when they’re taken out again. You just place them in their charger at the end of the day, and they’re recharged and ready to go again when you are. You’ll enjoy the benefit of all-day hearing and the simplicity of recharging.

Hearing aid and charger

All-day power from the inductive charger

Sleek and elegant but packed with technology, the inductive charger recharges Signia Cellion primax hearing aids. After a full charge, the hearing aids deliver 24 hours of continuous outstanding hearing with unlimited streaming. LED indicators clearly display the status of both hearing aid power cells. During the charging cycle, the charger even dehumidifies Signia Cellion primax for better care and longer service life of the devices.

Signia Cellion primax 5 and Signia Cellion primax 7 .

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Innovative rechargeable hearing

Signia Cellion is the first hearing aid in the world to contain a lithiumion power cell that can be charged contact-free. So you’ll never have to worry about changing your batteries again.

The hearing aids are based on the highly acclaimed primax platform, your assurance of quality of hearing and comfort. You can't get more innovative than this.

How to turn on your Signia Cellion hearing aid

Signia Cellion combines high quality with simplicity of use. To turn on your Signia Cellion hearing aid, place the device in your ear. After pressing and holding the push button, the start-up melody is played. Release the button. To turn off, push and hold the push button for several seconds. It’s that easy.

How to charge your Signia Cellion hearing aid

With Signia Cellion primax hearing aids, your battery will last up to two days* after a four hour charge and for at least seven hours after just 30 minutes express charging.

Charging couldn’t be simpler with our new, contact-free charging dock. You can either connect it directly to the mains supply or, for example, to a USB car adapter or the USB power supply of your smartphone. This is particularly useful when traveling.

*Signia Cellion provides a battery life spanning 24 hours of constant use - at a normal level of use this corresponds to two days with full-time audio streaming.

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Effortless hearing for any location

Perfect for busy people who love to travel, Phonak Audéo Belong hearing aids offer hassle-free, fast charging options at home and on the go.

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Hearing aid case

Hearing clarity whenever you need it

Crisp, clear hearing should be effortless. With the new range of Phonak Belong and Belong-R rechargable hearing aids, you can enjoy 24 hours of hearing on one simple three-hour charge. Even a quick 30-minute charge will give you up to six hours of full performance. That’s thanks to a groundbreaking, built-in rechargable lithium-ion battery - so no more hassle changing and disposing of batteries either.

Hearing aid case open

Unmatched performance every day

Belong-R utilises an innovative, industry-only operating system to bring you unmatched hearing performance in everyday listening situations. It also means your hearing aids adapt to every sound environment automatically - so there’s no need to manually adjust the hearing aids.

Hearing aid charger

Give your hearing aids the green light

All Belong-R hearing aids come with the easy-to-use, compact mini charger. Simply place your hearing aids in the charger (they switch themselves off automatically when in the charger) and they will be ready for use again in no time. The hearing aids have green LED indicators on them so it’s easy to see when the hearing aids are charging (lights flashing) and when they are fully charged (lights permanently on). Wearers can also benefit from the larger charging case, which acts as a drying kit and additional protection. The case also has a power pack option, which provides charging power for up to seven days - ideal for people who travel or when no power source is available.

Phonak Belong-R50 , Phonak Belong-R70 and Phonak Belong-R90 . Includes Mini Charger. Power Pack available. Charger case.

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How to charge with the Phonak Charger Case

Charging your hearing aids has never been easier. Simply connect the Charger Case to a power source and place the hearing aids into the inserts. They’ll automatically switch off and start charging.

Your hearing aids will charge with the case open or closed - so if you charge them during the night, you won’t be bothered by the lights.

How to charge with the Mini Charger Case

The Mini Charger is the most compact charging option. Just plug in to a power source, pop in your hearing aids and they’ll be fully charged in just 3 hours.

How to use the Phonak Power Pack

The Phonak Power Pack easily attaches to the Charger Case to provide an additional 7 days of charge without having to connect to a power source - a great option for travelling.

Don’t forget, we also have a fantastic range of battery-powered hearing aids. Get the same effortless hearing with our battery-operated hearing aids from Signia primax.

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