NHS hearing services at Specsavers


NHS hearing services at Specsavers

Find out if you are eligible

NHS digital hearing aids at Specsavers

Specsavers Hearing Centres are accredited by the NHS to provide hearing services in over half of England. That means, if you qualify for free NHS funded hearing aids, you may not need to go to a hospital anymore. You can get a hearing test with a hearing care professional, two NHS digital hearing aids and full aftercare, free from your local Specsavers.

Find out if you are eligible The timetable for these changes to take effect is being dictated by the NHS at a regional level. If you live in an area where you can get free NHS funded hearing aids at Specsavers, your next step will be to contact your GP to seek a referral.

Patients with a Peterborough postcode should register with a GP in Cambridgeshire to be eligible for NHS hearing aids at Specsavers. For more information, please contact your local store.

For patient's whose GP surgery falls under a North Staffordshire postcode, their eligibility for free NHS hearing aids will be determined by the audiologist during the assessment.