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Stylists selects: Petite glasses for small faces

Finding the right style of glasses can be a difficult task. Whilst the lenses serve a functional purpose, your frames should also make you feel confident and stylish every single day. The key is to find a pair of glasses that express your identity whilst also being comfortable, something that can be particularly tricky for those of us that have more petite faces. 

If you’re one of these people, you might find that glasses feel exaggerated (even when they’re not supposed to be) or that they hide your favourite features. Maybe there’s a style that you love but once you put them on, they feel heavy or unnatural — either way, they just don’t seem to sit right on your face. 

Luckily, Specsavers recently increased their wide range of petite glasses designed specifically with small or narrow faces in mind to include even smaller sizes! Take a browse through our favourite picks below.

What style of glasses are good for small faces?

Even if you have a small face, your glasses should still be proportional to your face shape. Rectangular, oval and cat-eye frames are a top choice for petite glasses as they won’t dominate your facial features.

Cat eye flares

The cat eye is an ideal style of glasses for small faces because the slight angle will accentuate your cheekbones and smile. This is especially true when the petite frames fit correctly and don’t overwhelm your features. That’s why these Ladies (S) Specsavers Starlet frames are a great option. Crafted from a translucent pink acetate, these frames are a modern nod to the 1950’s starlet style. Pair these petite glasses with your favourite blusher and a floral outfit and you’ll be pretty in pink in any season. 

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Round small frames

Another great option if you’re looking for glasses to suit a small face is a classic rounded style. There is usually more variation in size with round frames meaning fashion and comfort can come together as one!

These Mens (XS) Specsavers WATSON frames are made from simple black metal with a vintage style contrasting colour on the side. Both stylish and sleek — they make the perfect everyday work glasses for petite faces.

If you’re looking for a feminine alternative for the workplace, the Ladies (S) Specsavers HURSTON are very similar — just a more oversized style created in tones of silver and pink instead. Slip these frames on with your favourite power suit, a pair of court heels for women or smart brogues for men, and step into the office with only your meetings on your mind.

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Rectangular frames

Square glasses can sometimes look too large on a small or narrow face — especially if they’re not from the petite section — but rectangle glasses will usually always offer some dimension. The slim sides will help emphasise cheekbones and jawlines for a flattering look. That makes these Mens (S) Specsavers OLLIE frames the perfect petite glasses for smaller faces. The understated gold specs would look good with almost any colour palette, or just simply with your go-to jeans and white tee combo.

Tortoiseshell pattern petite frames

Whilst animal print can be bold, it can also be wearable. This is definitely the case when it comes to tortoiseshell, a timeless and versatile pattern to suit any gender or age. If you love this look but struggle to find the correct size of glasses for a small face, look no further than the Ladies (S) Specsavers CINDY. The perfect petite glasses for this autumn-winter season. Tortoiseshell on the front, autumnal teal on the side — muted yet still unique and fashionable. Layer with tones of brown or grey, be that gloves, scarves, high boots or hats.

Clear and opaque frames

Clear and opaque frames are a popular Scandinavian style that will give you a sophisticated style, whilst looking more natural on your face, blending seamlessly into the curves of your face. 

The Mens (XS) Specsavers ALFIE frames are grey with a purple tint. Perfect for expressing your creative identity. Ideal for sitting comfortably on a smaller face. The purple tint would also enhance hazel or green eyes. Pair with a turtleneck to nail the Scandi-fashion look.

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If you have a small or narrow face, don’t stress! Just take a look at the full Specsavers small and petite glasses catalogue . If you’re still not sure what style will suit you, why not check out our buyer’s guide to choosing glasses based on your hair colour and face shape?

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