Get the look: Y2K sunglasses and glasses

Do you ever wish you could just step back in time? Well, you’re in luck. The year 2000 is making its comeback — think denim mini-skirts, low rise jeans, chunky trainers, baguette bags and of course retro eyewear. We’re two decades on and the cyclical nature of fashion has struck again, with pivotal millennium styles now bigger and better than ever before.  

Spearheaded by celebrities setting a number of old-school style statement trends and aided by Gen Z on TikTok and Instagram, decade-old fashion pieces are reemerging on runways and in street style and we’re loving it. 

Read on as we dive headfirst into the top Y2K sunglasses and glasses trends. 

What is Y2K?

You may have heard ‘Y2K’ bandied around in popular culture, but what does the phrase actually mean? Well, Y2K is actually short for the year 2000. But usually refers to the late ‘90s and early-to-mid 2000s when it’s used in the context of fashion.  

How to achieve the Y2K aesthetic

Shaped by luxurious consumerism, the Y2K aesthetic is retro but futuristic and consists of many styles. Whether you want to go all-out ‘00s or for a simple and smart '90s look, there’s no doubt that a pair of specs is your top must-have accessory. From rectangle frames of the ‘90s to the tinted and rimless lenses of the 00s, explore the different styles of the Y2K fashion era here. 

90s Rectangle frames

Rectangle frames are quintessentially a Y2K staple. From smaller vintage frames to oversized fits, rectangular glasses will have you feeling like a celebrity as you strut around this summer.  

After a more low-key look? Our small rectangular sunglasses are the perfect simple statement piece of eyewear. Take our Y2K-inspired sunglasses as an example; made from super-thin silver metal and finished with tortoiseshell tips in acetate plastic, these are a great way to show off a subtle 2000s style. 

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Tinted lenses 

With dopamine dressing hot on trend this year, tinted lenses are a great way to capture that mood-boosting feeling with specs. These on-trend sunglasses are very Y2K with a polished gold metal finish. The subtly green-tinted lenses make these an easy accessory to match with any outfit.  

Going for a more chic look? No problem. Our brown tinted lenses look great against the blush-pink tips of this sunglasses frame. An elegant and fashionable Y2K addition that will have you feeling cool and confident this summer. 

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Rimless Y2K sunglasses

You can’t nail Y2K style without rimless shades, and rimless specs have recently infiltrated the fashion world in full force — proving a popular choice to add that extra something to your Y2K wardrobe. Ultralight rimless glasses provide a discreet style, with the ultra-thin frames creating a flattering and modern finish to conquer the ultimate minimalist look.  

‘00s Oversized

Now is the time to bust out your oversized frames! Oversized, rimless, wrap-around shades are emblematic of the Y2K era — think velour tracksuits, diamanté gems and all. Oversized sunglasses frames can bring Y2K to the 2020s. Designed for those who want to stand out from the crowd, they’re also a great way to accentuate your facial features and jazz up your summer wardrobe. To make it more Y2K add some frosted eyeshadow and butterfly clips.

Shield shades

Recently brands have been revamping the classic shield shade look and encouraging its re-entrance to the market. People were completely obsessed with big, wraparound styles at the start of the millennium — including a whole bunch of A-list celebrities. These sporty-style sunglasses follow a similar aesthetic. The wraparound frame comes in matte acetate plastic with wide, oval lenses for maximum protection.

Now that they’re back on the fashion scene, pair your shield sunglasses with some low waisted denim jeans and a plain white tank top for a fresh but classic ‘00s vibe.

Explore our sports-inspired style and choose your match today.

Find your perfect pair

Looking for your perfect Y2K eyewear accessory? We’re here to help! Try out our virtual try-on guide here to discover different styles and see which suits you best. Still unsure? Get some expert advice in our Buyer’s Guide based on factors including hair colour and face shape

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