What are invisible hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids sit deep inside your ear canal, so that it doesn’t look like there’s anything in your ear. They come in two forms instant-fit, which can be worn straight away, and custom-fit which are created from a mould made of your ear – these take a bit longer to create.

There are two types of ‘invisible’ hearing aid known as completely in the canal /invisible in the canal (CIC/IIC).

CIC aids only fill the ear canal and not the concha. They may be seen if you look directly at the person’s ear canal opening but are otherwise unnoticeable. IICs are our smallest hearing aids and are the most discreet type of available. They fit deeply in the ear canal and usually have a darker colouring so that they are not easily seen

Our discreet hearing aids from just £495 per pair

Our hearing package starts from £495 and includes:

  • A hearing check with ear health assessment
  • Two digital hearing aids
  • Full aftercare, including a 2-year hearing assessment
  • A hearing aid charger, or 4 years' supply of batteries
  • Choice of colours and fitting styles
  • 100-day money back guarantee*
  • Four year warranty on aids and wireless accessories
  • Pre-fitting wax removal**
  • Remote assistance (remote care and remote fine tuning)***

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* From date of fitting.

** Please visit aftercare page for full terms and conditions.

*** Service not available in all stores.

Terms and Conditions:
Excludes rechargeable hearing aids, which come with either appropriate charger unit or rechargeable batteries.

Are invisible hearing aids comfortable?

Contrary to what you might think, invisible hearing aids are quite comfortable, they can take a bit of getting used to but are a great option for people looking for a discreet hearing aid.

All about earwax

Earwax probably isn’t something you’ve given much thought to, but it’s actually a very important part of your ear health.

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Our hearing tests are free

Specsavers hearing tests make it easy to keep track of your hearing health. We’ll test your hearing for free and suggest the best solution for you.

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How much do hearing aids cost?

Our products range from a basic digital hearing aid to the most sophisticated currently available, and are suitable for all types of hearing loss.

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All about hearing loss

Around one in six people have hearing loss. If you're uncertain about your hearing or looking for solutions, rest assured, we are here to support you.

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