Woman at work wearing black glasses, sat at a table with a laptop

Feeling confident at work in your glasses

There is a misconception in society that many people who wear glasses only do so out of necessity and a fundamental need to see. However, despite being beneficial for people’s eyesight, many choose to wear their glasses because they make them feel more confident — especially when they are in work-based environments or more formal situations. As society begins to move back to the office after a long time at home, then it’s important to feel comfortable doing so. 

The good news is, glasses confidence amongst Specsavers customers is very high, particular in work-based settings.1 Taking a closer understanding of part-time wearers, who split their time between contact lenses, glasses and non-glasses, 90% of these people who wear their glasses for work feel confident in doing so.1 This shows us that many people choose to wear their specs when they go to the office as they make them feel more confident and comfortable.

In the words of Specsavers’ Head of Frames, Accessories and Merchandising Megan Toothill; “the right pair of glasses can make you feel, and look, great at work. For lots of people who wear glasses most of the time, glasses are part of their identity so choosing a pair of glasses that reflects your style and personality is key to feeling confident in them at work. I love wearing glasses and I’ll admit to regularly switching between six or seven pairs depending on the occasion, what I’m wearing or how I’m feeling! Explore different shapes to find the one that suits you best and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. When you find a frame you love wearing, you’ll definitely feel a confidence boost that won’t go unnoticed by your colleagues!”

With this in mind, here’s a list of suggested frames from Specsavers’ in-house frame expert that would be perfect for your back to office look:

Brown glasses for your first day back

Brown has been the new, trendy colour over the past year and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere — so why not jump on the trend and pick yourself up some brown specs? These Maeve Specsavers frames are in a classic round shape and feature a keyhole bridge. The dark chocolate colour is in a tortoiseshell pattern, with subtle flecks of purple details. These are a subtle way to keep on top of colour trends, whilst wearing frames that are soft on your face. Pair these with simple office attire, as the glasses can be the main accessory of the look.

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Or if you are looking for a lighter, warmer alternative but still wanting to incorporate a brown frame then choose these Hugo glasses. These sleek, rectangular-shaped glasses are in a havana-style acetate plastic and have Hugo branding at the temples and tip. Havana-style frames are a popular choice among glasses wearers as they are a contemporary update of the classic tortoiseshell and brightens the complexion. Complete your look with a smart-casual clothing choice of a white shirt and suit trousers — the modern office at its best.

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Metal frame glasses for your next meeting

Your first in-person meeting can always be a little daunting, so to ensure that you have the room’s full attention on your eyes and facial features, choose a pair of metal frame glasses. Although the design seems simple, metal specs add an air of professionalism. These Tommy Hilfiger glasses are rectangular in shape and made in silver metal. Featuring blocks of blue, white and black on the sides to add a dash of colour, making them perfect to pair with a simple navy blazer.

And if you already wear gold jewellery then you’re in luck, these Specsavers EllaRose frames are just for you. The frame’s thin gold metal is shaped in a more delicate version of the classic round style and ooze sophistication. They are perfect for your next meeting as they will elevate any simple, black attire — especially, the subtly twisted rope style sides — making you feel comfortable in front of your colleagues.

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Simple black glasses for your upcoming presentation

The focus of your next presentation should be the work itself. To keep the audience’s attention and avoid any distractions opt for a pair of classic black glasses — frames that allow you to do the talking and not vice versa. These Specsavers frames or these  are uncomplicated in their design making them versatile for any occasion or any outfit, whether you’re choosing a minimalistic look or something bolder with a pop of colour. are uncomplicated in their design making them versatile for any occasion or any outfit, whether you’re choosing a minimalistic look or pop of colour.

Colourful glasses for your after-work drinks

Finding the ideal frames that can transition seamlessly through a day at work to after-work drinks can sometimes be difficult, but colourful glasses are the way to go. This Marc Jacobs pair of specs are full of character, designed in a subtle square frame the colour palette is a mix of orange, pink, red and black and are a surefire way to make a statement. Pair with a selection of rose gold metal jewellery, to match the metallic sides and either pick a colour from the frames to guide your wardrobe choice or opt for a basic monochrome look to give the glasses the focus.

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Let’s remove the misconception that glasses wearers only wear their specs for necessity but start looking at them as an accessory for the face, that will highlight your features and help to boost your confidence — they should be nothing to be ashamed of and are a great addition to everyone’s look. Leaving you with wise words from Specsavers’ Megan Toothill: “There is such a breadth of choice in our range, that whatever your work style is, you’ll find a frame style to complement, or enhance it.” Take a look at the in-house expert’s collection here to find your ideal pair of glasses to wear as you head back to the office.

Want to check out what glasses will suit you before buying? Then use our virtual try-on tool to see what looks best for work. For more glasses inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog now.


1. Specsavers Customer Survey Panel, ‘Glasses and Job Interviews’ (May 2021)