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Vintage sunglasses: Style inspiration through the ages

The vintage look is everywhere — from the catwalk to the high street — and is no doubt influenced by the shift towards eco-conscious throwback fits. This includes eyewear: a revival that brings with it an eclectic mix of shapes and styles that are re-dominating our wardrobes. Whether it’s a 1950’s cat-eye or 70s oversized style, vintage sunglasses are timeless accessories that will always be there to compliment your outfit and amp up the coolness. 

Here’s our guide to the best vintage shade styles of each decade and how to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe! 

Vintage cat-eye sunglasses

The sleek feline shape was a go-to style in the 50s. Reminiscent of the decade’s iconic movie stars, this style of frame will never go out of fashion. Emulate their look with these Kylie Minogue specs. A classic shape crafted from shiny black acetate , with clear and glittery accents to give you that sprinkling of Hollywood glamour. When you’re donning a structured outfit, like a fitted suit and formal shoe, these glasses will be the perfect accessory.

If you want to take this vintage sunglasses style one step further, why not go for these teal green vintage-inspired sunnies? The dark lenses scale down the colourful frames to ensure the glasses complement almost any complexion.  

Retro 1960s pilot-style sunglasses

Pilot-style sunnies have enjoyed having the consistent cool-factor since they first came onto the scene in the 1950s and were popularised a decade later by VIPs in the film and music industries. A must-have style for nailing the “I threw this together, but still look cool” male fashion. These Specsavers PORT DOUGLAS SUN RX are a great example. The tortoiseshell acetatecompletes the laid back but classic look. Pair with a quarter-zip knitted sweatshirt, a pair ofloose-fitting jeans rolled up over your newest trainers and some bright white sports socks to make a retro look more cosmopolitan.

Rockstar square sunglasses

When you think of the classic square shape, your mind can’t help but visualise the boy bands of the 1960s — and how they were never papped without a pair. Today, they’re making a revival because of their simplicity. A style that will suit almost every face shape and complexion. Bring the glasses to the age of athleisure with these Superdry SD SUN RX JAXON sunnies. Their sporty style and slight wrap around shape make them the perfect frames to transition from the garden to the mountains. Pop these on with the most practical sportswear for the season and occasion. 

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All a-round 70s

Classic round frames were the vintage sunglasses style of the flower power generation, worn by every hippy-loving A-lister of the decade. And with the intense 70s fashion revival we’ve all seen over the past year, round eyes have once again become a firm favourite of fashion icons both on the catwalk and the high street.  

These vintage-inspired Roxy sunglasses are the epitome of funky style, with their striking tortoiseshell pattern which features beautiful flecks of purple and orange. This unique design will grab attention, transporting you back to the 70s — an all-year-round must-have. 

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Oversized vintage sunglasses style

The decade best-known for its extravagance and disco-fever is equally as cheerful when it comes to eyewear trends. In fact, oversized shades have become entirely synonymous with 70s style. Add them to any outfit to make a bold statement.  

These timeless Specsavers sunglasses in glossy acetate are bow-shaped which will be flattering for any face shape. Add some silver jewellery to contrast the black frames but complement the delicate crystal arm detailing. Don’t be afraid to pair these glasses with some sequins: perhaps a silver sequin blouse, black cigarette trousers and big voluminous curls. 1970s disco takes on 2020s fashion freedom!  

1980s browline shades


After originally surfacing as a glasses style in the 1950s, browline shades saw a huge resurgence in the 80s. Today, this style is here to stay. These are a classic reinterpretation of this glasses shape featuring a strong browline balanced perfectly against the subtle lower rim to make the eyes pop. 

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You can browse our full collection of sunglasses online including vintage sunglasses styles — from cat-eye, to oversized or round frames. Use our virtual try-on tool to try out your favourite frames and find the best ones for you. 

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