How often should you replace hearing aid batteries?

How often you replace your hearing aid batteries will depend on a number of things like how long you use your hearing aids each day, the type of hearing aids you have, and the type of batteries you use. Have a look at the table below to get an idea of the typical lifespan of hearing aid batteries, as well as some handy tips about how to preserve battery life.

Hearing aid battery prices

Specsavers hearing aid batteries are available in four sizes – 10, 312, 13, and 675. Each size comes in a pack of 60, for only £11.99. So far so good. Even better, you can get your batteries delivered right to your door. Just choose your size and we’ll do the rest.

When you buy your hearing aids at Specsavers, you’ll get four years’ worth of hearing aid batteries included, as well as other great benefits as part of our hearing aid package.

Which hearing aid batteries do you need?

Batteries are standardised within the industry and will fit most hearing aids. So you don’t need to worry about having the same brand as your hearing aids, or that you didn’t get your hearing aids with us – you can still buy your batteries from our online store.

Choosing battery sizes can get confusing, as certain manufacturers will have different names for their products.

But as each manufacturer is required to follow the colour-coded system, you’ll always know which is the right size for you, no matter what brand you choose.

The four main sizes of hearing aid batteries are identifiable by the colour of their tabs – yellow, brown, orange and blue. So when you’re buying batteries for your hearing aid, all you need to look out for is your colour.

Batteries range

Specsavers Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675 Pack of 60

Pack colour: Blue

Pack size: 60 Batteries

Use: Behind the ear (BTE)

Price: £11.99 

Lifespan: 9-20 days

Equivalents: Rayovac size 675, Duracell 675, Activair size 675, ZeniPower A675, Power One p675, icellTech size 675, Siemens s675, Energizer size 675, PR44, 675, A675, 675AU, 675HPX, B6754, B900PA, DA675H, DA675, 675HP, AC675E, AC675, ME9Z, CP44PR44, 675AE, L675ZA, 675AE, 675A, H675AE, ZA675, 675SA, S675A, 675AP, V675AT, W675ZA, 675MF, 675DS, PR675H

Specsavers Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Pack of 60

Pack colour: Brown

Pack size: 60 Batteries

Use: In the canel (ITC), In the ear (ITE)

Price: £11.99 

Lifespan: 3-10 days

Equivalents: Rayovac size 312, Duracell 312, Activair size 312, ZeniPower A312, Power One p312, icellTech size 312, Siemens s312, Energizer size 312, 312, 312A, 312MF, 312AU, 312HPX, DA312, DA312H, 312HP, AC312E, AC312, ME7Z, 312AE, L312ZA, 312AE, 312A, ZA312, PR312, PR41, 312SA, S312A, 312AP, V312AT, W312ZA, ZA312, P312, 312DS, A312, PR312H

Specsavers Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 Pack of 60

Pack colour: Orange

Pack size: 60 Batteries

Use: Behind the ear (BTE), In the ear (ITE)

Price: £11.99 

Lifespan: 6-14 days

Equivalents: Rayovac size 13, Duracell 13, Activair size 13, ZeniPower A13, Power One p13, icellTech size 13, Siemens s13, Energizer size 13, 13, PR48, 13AU, 13HPX, DA13H, DA13, 13HP, AC13E, AC13, MZ8Z, CP48, 13AE, L13ZA, 13AE, 13A, H13AE, ZA13, 13SA, S13A, 13AP, V13AT, W13ZA, 13MF, ZA13, P13, 13DS, A13, PR13H

Specsavers Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10 Pack of 60

Pack colour: Yellow

Pack size: 60 Batteries

Use: In the canel (ITC), Completely in canal (CIC)

Price: £11.99

Lifespan: 3-7 days

Equivalents: Rayovac size 10, Duracell 10, Activair size 10, ZeniPower A10, Power One p10, icellTech size 10, Siemens s10, Energizer size 10, 10, 10AU, 10HPX, B0104, B20PADA10H, 10HP, AC230E, AC230, ME10Z, CP35, PR36, 10AEL230ZA, 10AE, 10A, ZA10, PR36, 10SA, S10A, 10AP, V230AT6+W10ZA, L10ZA, B20PA, DA10H, DA10, DA10N, AC10/230E, AC10/230EZ, AC10/230, P10, 10SA, W10ZA, PR10H, A10, P10

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

The shelf life of hearing aid batteries will depend on the size of the battery, the hearing aid type, and how you use your hearing aid. For example, how loud it is and how long you wear them each day. Generally, the larger the battery, the longer its lifespan.

Keeping your batteries stored safely

If you live with, or care for, anyone under the age of five or an adult with additional risk factors, it’s really important to make sure that your batteries are stored safely and out of reach. If swallowed, it should be treated as a medical emergency.

How to dispose of your hearing aid batteries correctly

Did you know Specsavers offers a free hearing aid battery recycling service? Simply drop them off to one of the audiology team and they’ll recycle them for you. It’s important that you don’t put them in general waste as they will end up in landfill which can have damaging effects to on the environment.

Tips for battery care

  • Turn off your hearing aids when you’re not using them

  • Leave the battery compartment door open overnight

  • Make sure you store your batteries at room temperature

  • Avoid keeping them in warm or humid places, like the bathroom

  • The best place to keep your batteries is in their sealed package – not loose in your bag or pocket

Find out more

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