Your Glasses Style

Embrace androgynous style with unisex glasses

Gender inclusivity is at the forefront of fashion — so why should your glasses be any different? In 2020, London Fashion Week hosted the first gender-neutral showcase since it began in 1984 and many brands are following suit by releasing unisex lines and gender-neutral collections, both on and off the high street.

Glasses are designed with fluidity in mind, as they accessorise all face shapes and hair colours. From crystal clear frames to tortoiseshell round specs, Specsavers’ offer a range of unisex glasses which can be suitable for every gender and every occasion.
Here is a closer browse of Specsavers’ favourite pairs:

Pilot-style 70s frames

We all know that the 70s style is dominating our trends, but the easiest way to inject this into your wardrobe is by having a pair of pilot-style specs. A contemporary twist on the classic shape is causing its revival on the catwalk, where anyone can look like they stepped out from the past, but with an eye-catching edge.

These Marc Jacobs glasses are a great design that takes the iconic pilot-style and makes them oversized and more angular — perfect for anyone with an angular face.  The ultra-slim, silver metal rim gives a cool, androgynous look, fit for the catwalks of London Fashion Week.

You can discover more 70s sunglasses frames here.

Round tortoiseshell glasses

Tortoiseshell makes a classic statement, and these round-frames specs include an autumnal palette of brown hues. The circular frames are finished with a gold pin detailing on the front, which will complement and brighten your eyes. Completed with the keyhole bridge, these acetate frames pay homage to heritage style, which is widely observed as a gender-neutral design. Pair these with any monochrome outfit to allow the glasses to do the talking.

Transparent glasses frames

Appearing studious in and out of the office is the goal which many of us want to achieve, and transparent frames are the way to do it. They typically combine a classic glasses silhouette with clean, sleek frames that look great on anyone, regardless of gender.

These clear acetate frames add a retro dynamic to your look, and the round-shape will be particularly flattering on softer face shapes. We say pair these with vintage denim, whether that’s an oversized jacket or thrifted jeans to complete the look. Discover more style tips for clear glasses frames.

Black square glasses

Square-up and stand out from the crowd by wearing chunky, square specs. The more minimal the better when it comes to this sleek, unisex glasses style. These classic Specsavers Browning frames are ideal for 24/7 sophistication — whether you’re wearing office attire, or just casual jeans and a t-shirt. A timeless pair of black frames are always going to be attention-grabbing. 

Glasses are an accessory to the face that should be accessible for all genders — no matter what the label says. You can find our full collection of unisex glasses here, suitable for all genders. You can use our online tool to virtually try on as many of these frames as you like and find out what design best suits your personality and style.

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