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French sunglasses style: from Apres-Ski to Parisian Chic

We all want to look effortlessly cool and collected. For inspiration, need we look any further than the French? Their magnetic “je ne sais quoi” is idolised when it comes to style and beauty. What’s more, the country is a fashion powerhouse with iconic brands such as Balmain at the fore. This innate sense of style means that often a polished outfit still comes across as “I haven’t tried too hard.” 

Interested in nailing the look? Read on to find out how you can perfectly execute the ‘Parisian-chic’ style aesthetic, especially with your specs! 

Parisian-chic style explained

Post-pandemic, high heels and suits just don’t cut it anymore! In some cases, they’ve proved themselves too uncomfortable or completely obsolete. But Parisian chic style is a look that people can always get behind. It’s highly coveted because of the low maintenance, high impact results. French celebrities, whether models or actresses — have proved themselves to be fashion icons. 

To master the iconic French look, it is vital to remember that “less is more” and for this reason, it’s often timeless pieces or practical outfits paired with killer accessories. This is also an easy way to keep the costs down, with a capsule wardrobe that’s dressed up with trend-focused accessories. 

How to get the look with French sunglasses

What’s great about this aesthetic is that there are a plethora of sunglasses styles for people to adopt, meaning this can work for a range of face shapes or complexions. That’s true for the Italian style too. Check out our top French-inspired picks below! 

Balmain sunglasses

A good first step is to try to invest in timeless luxury items that will last you in the long run, which can also help to guide you towards classic silhouettes. The key is to choose original or show-stopping pieces and pair them with more affordable trend-led items. 

These Balmain sunglasses offer a high-fashion twist on the cat-eye frame, whilst carefully treading the line between striking and sleek. Plus they clearly embody the French style by paying homage to an iconic French brand. The cat-eye frame is a playful option that lifts the face. Perfect for enhancing your natural beauty. When paired with some jeans or a midi skirt, it creates the ultimate effortlessly-chic casual outfit. 

The “Masculin-Féminin” look

French-style doesn’t get caught up with gender. In fact, the style is often a happy mid-point. In the 90s, French tailors popularised masculine silhouettes, and this androgynous trend has remained popular amongst Parisians ever since.  

These Specsaver Ficus frames offer that unisex, minimalist look. Subtle wire-rimmed metal will reflect softly against the face, whether you want that to be in a pink or gold colourway is completely up to you! Build the Parisian-chic look with a trench coat over jeans and a white t-shirt. A structured shoe would be a great final touch, perhaps a brogue or loafer to tie everything together. 

To find more androgynous style inspiration, take a scroll through our unisex glasses lookbook here. 

Oval sunglasses

You’ve heard the phrase “au naturel”, and we say it in French for a reason! This style is all about embracing your natural look when it comes to hair and makeup. Let your accessories do the talking.  

Wearing oval frames such as this pair by Specsavers can easily curate the natural, off-duty model look. With a casual outfit such as heeled pumps and a summer dress, or simple jeans — these frames can make it seem like you threw it together in minutes with nothing but a natural intuition for style. 

A similar sunglasses frame by Specsavers, are the seam bream sunglasses. Fantastically 90s, with the added wraparound feature. For these darker shades, go for a simplistic no-frills outfit layered with a longline or oversized leather jacket and black leather shoes. Simple, but effective. Just how the French do it. 

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Tortoiseshell temptation

These Specsavers frames for women, or these for men are perfect for those who can’t resist a print. Tortoiseshell is loud but classic, and brown tortoiseshell frames go especially well with muted, light colours. Wear a fresh white shirt, linen trousers and a slicked back hair-do — whether that’s a ponytail or a plait — to perfect the essence of laid-back elegance. Parisians never look like they’ve tried too hard with their outfits, so making sure you feel comfortable and confident is the priority. Don’t force something if it doesn’t feel right! 

Geometric French sunglasses

Square frames sunglasses are a silhouette that will work for almost any face shape. These Marc Jacobs sunglasses combine black and gold to create an unassumingly lavish frame. The harsh lines are subtly curved for a more feminine feel, with gold detail on the temples for a final touch of luxury. To complete the outfit, go for a denim or linen jumpsuit and heeled sandals — j’adore! 

Are you feeling inspired to try out the Parisian look yourself? Why not give our virtual try-on tool a go to see what these frames (or any for that matter) look like on your face before you take the next step. For even more guidance, check out our Buyer’s Guide for tips on what suits your hair colour and face shape

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