Colour tinted glasses: Get the look with prescription lenses

Dark sunglasses are fine for everyday — but when you’re looking to make a real statement, coloured lenses are the way forwards. Technicolour tinted glasses are at the top of the trends list, with celebrities and style icons wearing every shade of the rainbow. But it’s not always easy for prescription glasses wearers to get this fashion-forwards look — until now. From green  to rose-tinted lenses, check our top pick of shades to add some colour to your (glasses) wardrobe.

Green glasses lenses

Green is one of the more popular coloured lens options because it’s not too out there, but it still adds some colour to your regular sunglasses. And while adding a green tint to your glasses is fashion-forwards, the lens colour is also functional. Being useful in both sunny and low-light scenarios, green lenses can help to reduce glare and improve contrast perception. 

If you’re looking to go retro with green lenses, opt for these Amun Sun Rx frames. Their retro, round lenses are a throwback to the 60s, and gold accents make them a chic, vintage must-have. 

Want coloured lenses with a designer touch? These Marc Jacobs Sun Rx 06 sunglasses are for you. Crafted from sleek, silver metal, these pilot style frames have a cool and sophisticated design, while the touch of emerald puts them right on-trend.

Pink tinted lenses

Want to see life through rose tinted lenses? Go for glasses with a pink hue like these Islington clip-on sunglasses. With pink, purple and gold mirrored lenses that shift as the light catches them, they’re a technicolour dream. Alongside being stylish, pink-toned polarised lenses like these can help to reduce light glare reflected from surfaces like water, making them the perfect companion for pool parties and sunny beach holidays.

Can you get tinted glasses with a prescription?

While they may have started as a fashion trend, you can get prescription glasses with colour tinted lenses. The process involves creating new lenses, instead of applying the tint to your existing corrective glasses, so you’ll need to choose a new pair of frames to match. If you’re not too keen on any of the frames that come with tinted lenses already, then choose your favourite frames and create your own.

The most common colour tints for prescription glasses are brown, grey and green. Grey tints are the most versatile and best if you’re a little more reserved with your style. They can be worn on sunny and cloudy days, and are very good at protecting your eyes from glare. Plus, the monochrome colour means they’ll match most outfits. 

While brown lenses aren’t as bold, they help to warm-up your complexion, which makes them a great option if you love pink lenses, but want something a little more wearable. Brown tints are also great at reducing glare, by softening the contrast between the bright sky and the horizon, which is why they’re so popular in sunglasses. 

Coloured lenses are perfect for brightening up even the most basic frames — so take a look at the lens tints available on our prescription glasses. For more on-trend style inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog.

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