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Take a look at our favourite vintage-style glasses

Vintage fashion trends work in cycles. Vintage-style eyewear is no different, it is firmly on its way back to being in the limelight. We have already seen this with sunglasses. But what does this trend look like in the case of vintage-style eyeglasses? From the bold styles and thick frames of the ‘70s to the slick elegance of the ‘50s cat-eye frames, vintage-style specs offer something for everyone. Join us as we guide you through the diverse and exciting world of vintage-style glasses. 

Transcend the decades with tortoiseshell

It is difficult to name a style of glasses that has maintained as much cultural relevance as tortoiseshell. This mottled pattern was styled by the dapper men and women of the ‘20s all the way up until the ‘50s and beyond. The ability of a style to survive generations of shifting tastes and trends is what makes tortoiseshell unique. These Dickens frames are a great example of the pattern’s versatility. You’ll be feeling confident in the office in these specs, or complete the look for those chilly autumnal walks by wearing these with a tan trench coat and blue denim jeans. 

The undisputed elegance of vintage-style cat-eye frames

Glamour and elegance. Those are the words that come to mind when you think of vintage cat-eye glasses frames. Popularised in the ‘50s, this style can offer retro fashion lovers the final piece of the puzzle when aiming to achieve the vintage look. Current designers offer exciting twists to the classics, such as the Marc Jacobs 17. The modern take on this shape means that the glasses are adaptable; they will look just as great on an early morning commute as they will on a trip to that new jazz bar in town.  

Oversized square frames

The ‘70s vintage era is synonymous with making bold statements and expressing your identity. This attitude is encapsulated inthese frames from Liberty. Liberty is known for bringing us iconic British eyewear and these are no different. The pastel tones combined with a few pieces of quintessential vintage-style clothing such as a headscarf or flared denim will be sure to make you look like a resident of ‘70s Milan. 

Pilot-style vintage-look glasses

There may not be any style of vintage glasses as iconic and instantly recognisable as pilot-style frames. Originally designed in the ‘30s for fighter jet pilots to replace heavy goggles, this style took the world by storm in the ‘80s. The original design has stood the test of time, characterised by thin framing and the tear-drop shape, as seen on these Specsavers Lenora frames. Despite looking particularly great on wide faces, the classic shape transcends face shapes, hairstyles, and personalities. Pair them with free-flowing party blouses and cardigans for the most impactful look.

Circular, rimless vintage-style glasses

It’s clear to see why the ‘70s inspired eyewear trend is at the forefront of the fashion-conscious minds across the globe. The range of looks forged in this period is astonishing. One example is the rimless circular frame, such as the Specsavers LITE 512. The lightweight feel means they are perfect for that busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Pair with a suited look; whether that’s a pencil skirt or full blazer-trouser combo. Or, for the working from home days, stick with the formal bottom-half but match with your favourite white tee instead. 

Rectangular frames that offer that ‘90s statement

If you have taken a look at TikTok’s ‘for you’ page in recent months, the chances are that you have seen someone wearing rectangular framed vintage-style glasses. Why are they so universally in vogue at the moment? Well, it's probably due to the revival of the ‘90s in pop culture more generally. The rectangular shape is subtle enough to be styled exactly how you want. Take these wire-rimmed rectangular offerings from Specsavers, perfect for those weekend mornings in your local coffee shop with a good book. Wear with trainers, a t-shirt and a knitted cardigan to keep you cosy. 

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What’s next?

If you are looking for your next vintage-style frames and are finding the choice a bit overwhelming, Specsavers can help. If you are struggling to picture the glasses on your face, then use our innovative virtual try-on guide for assistance! We also have a range of expert advice about selecting the right glasses for your face shape and hair colour too. 

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