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8 must-have two-tone glasses

Two-tone glasses are making a comeback, and we’re here for it. Why settle for single coloured frames when you can rock two-toned specs instead? With such variety when it comes to colour, style and material, there’s sure to be a two-tone glasses style to suit you, and we’re here to give you our top 8 picks hoping that one (or two) might catch your eyes.

What are two-tone glasses?

Typically the two-tone style will have a solid colour at the top of the frames, and this will fade into another as you move down. The design is a slight nod to the browline glasses style, as both place emphasis on the wearer's browline. Browline glasses do this more literally with tangible materials, whereas classic two-tone specs create a similar look with subtle colour contours.

The two-tone glasses style has evolved much over the last decade, with more colourful alternatives now available compared to the classic black and brown shades. The style is predominantly made from acetate or plastic, but metal frames can also create the beautiful ombré effect too.

Two-tone browline

These Specsavers Ginan are one of our top picks because they emphasise the browline so effortlessly! The bold brown upper rim draws attention to the brows and compliments the subtle cat-eye shape, while the bottom of the frames are khaki — giving the glasses an individual pop of colour.

The Ginan frames are one of our favourites because the natural, earthy tones and simplistic metal detailing are especially great for those who want something different, but who aren’t looking for anything too bold or bright. Pair these with some khaki cargos, a white tee and trainers for a casual on-the-go look.

Neutral two-tone frames

You can never go wrong with a classic, neutral pair of glasses. These Specsavers Turboflex T31 perfectly embody the classic two-tone style from a distance, but up close there are some clear modern twists. For instance, the monochromatic specs panel down with distinctive layers from a black browline to a grey centre and end with a clear lower rim. The metal details on the bridge and hinges add the final touch. For a staple pair of glasses, you can’t get much better than these! Dress up or down, either way, these specs will always match.

If you like the black and grey tones of the Turboflex but aren’t a fan of the rounded lenses, then go for these Specsavers Washington glasses — they embody the same aesthetic but with sharp, rectangular silhouettes and a more traditional ombre approach to two-tone.

Quirky ombre effect

Looking for a bit of glitz? Then these Specsavers Wyanet frames are the ones for you. Instead of the classic two-tone style blending colours from top to bottom, these Wyanet frames shift the ombré onto its side. The inner lens rims are a clear acetate, but the outer rims trickle in purple and silver glitter towards the centre, creating a super glamorous effect. Pair these frames with natural make-up and a sleek, classic updo or straightened locks to make the frames centre stage.

Get creative with colours

The great thing about two-tones glasses — and one of the reasons we love them so much — is that you can mix a neutral tone (like black) with a brighter colour to create a more adventurous pair of specs that still transition well into everyday life.

Take these Specsavers Fandango. For the most part, the frames are made from a pretty rose-rink crystal acetate, but the transition to clear and the outer accents of black bring that level of neutrality. Accentuate the colour of the frames with some pink blush and a nude pink lip, or, use the neutral elements of the glasses as a plain backdrop to pair with a funkier outfit, a bolder lip, or an extravagant hairdo — the choice is yours!

These Specsavers Nettle glasses also use the two-tone style to combine a black design with an element of colour. Fading from black to a rich scarlet red, these two-tone glasses are definitely a unisex option. Perfect for a black-tie event whether that means wearing a suit or a cocktail dress!

Two-tone and oversized

In any top picks list, without a doubt, you need a pair of oversized specs. What about these Marc Jacobs 17 frames? The dipped central bridge emphasises the cat-eye shape, while the oversized lenses make a statement. The inserts of translucent acetate in the middle of a majority-black frame create the two-tone style in a subtle but still prominent way.

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Designer style

For a simplistic but designer style, these Liberty London LL 07 glasses are tastefully decadent. The slim gold frames are designed with two-tone enamel inserts from dusky pinky to latte brown. Charmingly simple, we love these Liberty frames because they add a luxurious feel to any outfit. 

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But which frames will suit you?

You may have fallen for one of our top two-tone picks, but to go beyond love at first sight and make sure they will suit your face — try our virtual try-on tool. Still unsure? Find more guidance on choosing frames to suit your face shape or compliment your hair colour amongst other glasses advice in our Buyer’s Guide

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