Lady wearing bright green shirt and orange tortoiseshell glasses

Embrace dopamine-dressing with coloured glasses

‘Dopamine-dressing’ might be a term you’ve heard thrown about recently, or maybe it’s something entirely new to you — but what does the phrase actually mean?  

What is dopamine-dressing?

Essentially, ‘dopamine-dressing’ is the idea that wearing brightly coloured clothing can have a positive psychological effect. This means super-bright clothing or accessories can effectively help to boost your mood. How great is that? Tied to this is the colour-therapy concept that emphasises how a particular colour palette can symbolise or evoke certain emotions or behaviours. For example, we’ve all heard of the saying ‘January blues’ or ‘feeling blue’ and immediately know what this means. 

Unsurprisingly, over the past few years ‘dopamine dressing’ has been identified as a growing trend in fashion. An optimistic and fun approach to fashion for those who don’t want to take themselves too seriously.

Luckily for us glasses wearers, we immediately have a functional accessory to hand that can help to make our outfits more playful — our specs! At Spescavers, we curated our new Colour Union collection which encompasses dopamine dressing, for all genders and ages. Check out our new range as well as our style guide on coloured glasses picks below. 

Orange glasses

Orange is a warm and vibrant colour associated with a whole bunch of positives, including joy, creativity and health. With the added bonus of suiting most complexions.

Start creating your orange look with these Colour Union glasses. The crystal-orange acetate frames compliment the retro bow-shaped frames, adding a feminine feel. The colours symbolise happiness and expression.

Wear these with an neutral-colour jumpsuit and some clogs for a look that can transition through the seasons.

Purple glasses

Go for a pair of funky purple frames with these quirky and unique coloured glasses.

The vibrant square shape make for a retro yet modern style. The pop of orange detail on the hinges is the cherry on the cake.

Purple promotes mental balance, stability and in particular, harmony of the mind and emotions.

Take the look even further by pairing them with a lilac tee, blue jeans and a bright pair of trainers.

Red glasses 

Red is certainly not a forgettable colour. It can mean strength, courage and leadership just as much as passion, lust and desire — meaning it’s the perfect colour to take you from the office to date night!

Take these statement Colour Union red frame by Specsavers. This frame is an ultra-feminine vibrant red, in a bow shape with elongated corners and sweeping bridge to finish — almost mirroring a pair of lips.

Pair these specs with a black or grey suit for the office and some patent black heels. Switch the skirt or trousers out for straight leg jeans and simple top to easily create your on-the-go date night look. 

Pink glasses

If you want a feminine look with a romantic edge, pink is the colour to keep an eye out for. Beyond the traditional connotations, pink can also represent friendship and affection. A beautiful and bright pink is a good first step to embrace the coloured glasses trend but is still timeless and sophisticated.

These slightly oversized round glasses by Specsavers are breathtaking. The lenses transition you all the way from the 1960s to the 2020s, and feature sleek, slim sides and a rounded hinge in gold metal showcasing a lemon-yellow infill.

Complete the dopamine dressing style with a pink cardi, layered over a white dress and floral bag.

Green glasses

If there’s ever a time to be green with envy, it’s the first time you see the Specsavers Colour Union glasses.

Crafted from neon lime-green acetate, these ultra-bright frames have square lenses and slim sides, with a black hinge. This colour palette looks great against most hair colours, and can level up your everyday look immediately with their brightness.

The square lenses are a safe bet, that frame the face perfectly and the neon-orange detailing completes the look.

Finish the whole style with a green tee, bright blue denim jeans and a colourful pair of trainers.

Blue glasses

Blue doesn’t always have to mean that you’re ‘feeling blue’. Blue can also mimic nature and symbolise tranquillity, freedom and imagination.

The Specsavers Colour Union frames are one of our favourite blue glasses picks. These vibrant frames mimic the depths of the ocean with the royal blue hue. This style also gives the face added shape through the round contouring.

These glasses would look great with a navy blue traditional suit, or perhaps a light blue linen suit for a summer wedding or formal look.

But which frames will suit you?

Intrigued by coloured glasses and how they would look on you? Explore the full Colour Union collection to see which is best. Try out our virtual try-on tool to see which style suits you and read our Buyer’s Guide for purchasing tips. Or, pop into your local store to check out our frames in person!

If you want to read more about glasses style or trends, visit our#LoveGlasses blog for inspiration.