Trendy glasses for women

Fashion trends are ever-changing, meaning it can be hard to know what’s in and what is not. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve curated four of the most popular trends and incorporated them with matching eyewear so you can spend less time finding and more time flaunting your favourite look.

Crystal clear acetate

The barely-there glasses trend lets your natural features shine through with the ‘no glasses’ look. The Marc Jacobs 31 are a perfect example of trendy glasses for women. The oversized frames are still subtle thanks to the transparent acetate frames, with the added bonus of timeless versatility. Match these frames with any outfit and they will always look great.

For a more angular silhouette, try the Specsavers Jose rectangular frames. These men's frames have been crafted in dimensions that are suitable for a larger face shape, however, the classic shape will provide a subtle face contour. 

Do you have a wider face shape? Find the selection just for you.

As with any other trend, designers love to put their own twist on it. Like these colourful DNKY DK5032 spectacles. The subtle camouflage pattern is in a green acetate plastic to create the perfect trendy glasses for the right woman. These rounded frames would go well with a flowy grey tunic, slim-fit jeans and a pair of sandals.

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Trendy nostalgic glasses

Current fashion feeds on nostalgia. That’s why old trends are coming round full circle, just as the recent Y2K and 90s resurgences prove. Rimless glasses like these Ultralight Lite 182 frames, epitomise the Y2K style. Pair with a baby t-shirt and low-rise jeans.

Try micro-metal frames for Y2K nostalgia. These Comfit Noora glasses are encompassed by simple gold wire frames, with temple embellishment crafted in turquoise and pearl. This slightly-oversized 90s letterbox shape pairs well with an all-black outfit.

If silver is your metal tone of choice, reach for the Specsavers Entry 15 frames. Style with colourful or butterfly hair clips for the late 90s go-to hairdo for a nighttime look. Like the Y2K style? Read our full Y2K lookbook. Or, tint your current frames to re-create the style using one of our tinted lens services.

Vivid and vibrant

Lift your mood by choosing a pair of colourful trendy reading glasses. What about these sultry red glasses by Kylie Minoque? The subtle cat-eye shapes add to their feminine allure, and the gorgeous cherry red chunky frames create impact. Click here to find more rouge inspiration.

For a lighter look that still oozes colour, try the Specsavers Frida frames. The two-toned colour palette cleverly combines two pastels to create a unique style. Add an eye embellishment makeup look to keep the focus on the frames. An easy way to incorporate current beauty trends into your choice of eyewear.

Minimalistic trendy glasses

Inspired by the ‘clean’ aesthetic that embodies minimalism in fashion, interiors or make-up — for this trendy glasses suggestion think sophistication with stripped back metal frames. We love simplistic frames for their timeless versatility, and the fact they come in all shapes and sizes.

Go for an oversized frame with the Marc Jacobs 28 glasses. The thin, metal frames and rose gold colour palette bring the 70s style to the modern day. These frames do not go unnoticed, however, they still look delicate with the help of the refined wire rim. Pair with a light pink or beige trench coat and slingback low heels for an autumnal day.

Contrast the ‘clean’ aesthetic with retro notes in the Liberty London LL04 frames. The classy gold and black colourway is combined with Liberty’s iconic Iphis print design in pink and black. Wear these spectacles with simple, black athleisure, a slicked-back bun and natural makeup to nail this trend.

Which trend will suit you best?

Got your eyes on a pair of trendy women’s glasses? Want to make sure they are your perfect pair? Use our virtual try-on tool to try on the frames from the comfort of your home. Or, read our Buyer’s Guide for information on glasses sizing, hair colours, face shape and so on. For more style and trend inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog.