How to make this season’s beauty trends pop

We all know it can be frustrating trying to keep up with the latest beauty trends, or trying out a different look. Just when you master the trend and make it work for you, it goes out of fashion and the trend cycle moves on. Embracing beauty trends can be particularly tricky for glasses-wearers because it’s one extra element you have to consider — will it suit your glasses? Well, we’re here to make all-things-glasses as easy as possible, including beauty! 

This year’s beauty trends are set to be bold and beautiful after far too long working from home with no makeup on. Read on for a rundown of all the tips and tricks when it comes to 2022 beauty trends worth buying into, and how to make them work with your glasses. 

What beauty looks are trending?

The top beauty trend this season is set to be maximalist makeup. This means colourful eyeliners, bright blushes and getting creative with your makeup! Y2K (the year 2000) fashion is continuing to make a comeback too, with Gen-Z rediscovering the beauty trends of the noughties: could this mean the return of the well-plucked eyebrow? We can’t believe it either! 

Another trend making a return from the past is the 90s lip — pair a brown lip liner with a clear gloss for a sophisticated and retro look. We will see a lot of eye embellishment in 2022 too, whether it is a double-wing, stick-on gems or geometric lines. Eco-beauty isn’t going anywhere either as people want to know what’s in their makeup and skincare, how it is made and its impact on the world.  

How to style your glasses with the latest beauty trends

Maximalist Makeup 

Maximalist makeup is all about making a statement. Whether this is through neon eyeliner or a bright pink blush, this is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and is a great trend for glasses wearers as your eyewear can help accentuate your makeup. 

Clear acetate frames are perfect for the maximalist beauty trend, creating a clear canvas to show off your makeup. These retro pink Liberty London glasses have oversized lenses that will create enough room to show off any bold eye makeup looks. The shade of pink doesn't take away from the makeup either but is enough to make your blush pop. Pair these glasses with a minimalist monochrome outfit and let your glasses and makeup do the talking. 

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Y2K brows

Over the last couple of years, big and bushy eyebrows have been all the rage, but Y2K brows are plucked to perfection and all about the arch — how better to show off this beauty trend than with a pair of browline glasses? This style of glasses has a thicker upper lens rim, bringing attention to your browline whether you’ve got a natural, bold or groomed brow. The Specsavers Roissy frames come in black and red and have a cat-eye style browline feature. Pair the red frames with a bold red lip, a black dress of your choice and a fresh red manicure for a fiercely feminine look.  

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The 90s lip

In 2021 the colour brown made a serious comeback and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This year we will see brown incorporated into beauty trends too, particularly with the return of the 90s lip. This is where you overline your lips with a brown lip liner and cover with a shimmery lip gloss, or you can use a lip plumper instead of a lip gloss to add some natural volume. To make the look work for you, pick your lip liner based on the shade of brown in your glasses frames. 

These Specsavers Maranda frames are a light brown colour that will make your eyes pop and compliment your new lip look. The subtle bronze shimmer in the plastic will complement most eye shades including blue, green, brown or hazel.

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If you are after a darker shade, these Tommy Hilfiger TH 98 glasses are a stunning dark brown with a tortoiseshell print. Pair your brown frames with a pair of brown leather, corduroy or denim trousers and a 90s lip for your next trip out and you’ll be the trendiest person in town. 

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Eye embellishment 

This year we will see a lot more graphic eyeliner and eye embellishment with gems and glitter as a top beauty trend. If you struggle with small motor details like eyeliner, go for the gems instead; dot a few just above your eyelid crease but below your brow bone for an easy but still adventurous look. This is a great way to get really imaginative with your makeup but might seem a tricky style to match with glasses. Specsavers have a great range of oversized glasses with large lenses that will allow you to flaunt your creativity and emphasise your eyes. But we think rimless glasses are the best option here. 

These Specsavers Ultralight glasses have a subtle rimless design and traditional slimline square-shaped lenses. Available in gold or gunmetal, the metal adds a small hint of colour but keeps the overall look minimalistic. The rimless lenses are perfect for a bold eye because no part of your eye makeup will go wasted behind bulky frames, leaving lots of room for you to try out some funky details. Finish with a leather jacket, jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots. 


In 2022, beauty trends will see increased demand for refillable products, biodegradable packaging and cruelty-free and fairtrade ingredients in our skincare and makeup. If you’re an eco-queen, match your eco-friendly beauty brands with glasses that are made with sustainability in mind. 

The Specsavers ReWear collection partially uses recycled plastic bottles to create frames that explore a more conscientious approach to manufacturing. These Specsavers Kalina frames are part of the collection and come in a tranquil crystal blue colour, perfect for every day. Re-wear a recent outfit and make use of your new eco-beauty regime to look good. 

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