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Purple glasses: our stylists’ topic picks

We’ve already created guides on how to nail dopamine dressing with sunny yellow frames, but colourful glasses don’t stop there — purple specs are this season’s up-and-coming trend and consider this your rundown on our favourite purple frames. 

Oversized purple glasses

Oversized frames have always been on-trend but paired with the true purple colour these Specsavers Delphine are a must-have this season. The dark purple crystal acetate combined with the traditional but oversized lens shape creates a simple and colourful look. Try a neutral outfit with these frames, a grey and denim look would balance the eyewear perfectly.

Round aubergine glasses

The OSIRIS glasses are a more muted approach to purple eyewear, with a soft aubergine colourway that lets the eye wander to the frame silhouette. The rounded-square design embodies today’s take on retro and personifies the ‘geek-chic’ style. Finish the look with a monotone pattern such as dogtooth or gingham trousers, a white tee and black shoes.

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Rectangular purple glasses

Try a classic silhouette in vibrant purple with these Specsavers Anika frames. The wide, rectangular glasses are an ode to the classic 90’s letterbox style frame. The bold magenta colour adds warmth to the angular design whilst the slightly rounded corners give the frames a retro feel. Contrast with pastel green accents in your outfit to create a 60’s-styled look. 

Rimless purple frames

Ever considered ‘barely there’ glasses? If that’s a yes, go for these Ultralight Lite 308 minimalistic frames. These feminine oval lenses have intertwined wire sides. The wire temples showcase purple tortoiseshell tips with elegant diamante detail for ultimate Y2K galore. Match the glasses with a purple printed shirt or dress to accentuate the tasteful colour of the frame design. 

If you still want a simple style but don’t love the completely rimless look, then go for these semi-rimless Specsavers Margit frames instead. The sharp, metallic upper-rim draws attention to the browline, which, combined with the rounded rimless bottoms create the perfect balance between angular and round styles — meaning they will suit all face shapes! 

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Translucent acetate frames

For a uniquely transparent design, go for the Specsavers Mauve glasses. These translucent lilac acetate frames sport a tortoiseshell pattern across the front and sides. This mottled effect creates a distinctive and individualistic look, setting these glasses apart from typical solid-coloured frames. If you’re looking to go for something different, pair these with a shirt and trousers two-piece, or a cargo skirt for the ultimate cool-girl look.

Colourful frames for kids 

Want the little ones to look trendy this season too? Get them involved in the purple trend with these Disney Cinderella S06 glasses. Not only are the frames crafted in playfully in deep purple, but Cinderella herself is featured on the flexible hinges — reminding them of their favourite film every time they put their glasses on! 

Need more help finding frames?

We understand that there are so many glasses to choose from, making it difficult to know which style is right for you. That’s why we’ve created style guides to support your decision, with information on specific face shapes and hair colours. Our virtual try-on guide will also help to see if the frames suit you if you aren’t able to visit a store to try them on. Or for more style and trend inspiration, check out our #LoveGlasses blog.