Autumn/Winter 2022 Trends: Eyewear

No matter how much we love summer, nothing rivals autumn-winter fashion. As the weather gets a little cooler and the back-to-school season beckons, it’s time to swap the sunglasses for clear lenses and experiment with some new autumn-winter fashion and colour eyewear trends.

So far this year we have seen a lot of dopamine dressing and, as a response to lockdown athleisure wear, but the autumn-winter 2022 season is set to be a little more minimalist with the nostalgic return of Y2K and 90s fashion continuing. 

Here’s how you can incorporate the latest autumn-winter 2022 fashion trends into your eyewear.

90’s nostalgia

We are in the midst of a big 90s revival, with crop tops and low-rise jeans everywhere. Though sunglasses season is almost over, this autumn we will see a lot of small framed sunglasses seeping into the colder months referencing the off-duty supermodel look that was popular in the 90s.

These Specsavers Brackish Sun Rx are the perfect dark metal rounded sunglasses that will take you straight back to the 90s. Contrast these unisex sunglasses with faded blue jeans and an oversized leather jacket for a perfect transitional look and embrace one of the biggest autumn-winter fashion trends for 2022 whilst soaking up the last of the late summer sun.

Bigger the better

One of the key trends appearing this season is oversized clothing. As skinny jeans become a thing of the past, all our clothes are getting bigger and baggier. A nod to both 90s nostalgia and the rise in skate and streetwear fashion.

This is one trend you can really lean into with your eyewear; why not try these oversized square silver glasses from Specsavers? This trend is all about contrast, so wear these glasses with a tighter-fitting top and baggy jeans or a feminine dress with an XL men’s jacket and you’ll have this autumn-winter 2022 trend on lock.

Aviation fashion

One of the key autumn-winter fashion trends for 2022 is aviation fashion, from pilot jackets to glasses. Originally designed for pilot practicality, these glasses are the perfect unisex eyewear option and will suit almost every face shape.

Elevate your autumn-winter wardrobe with these Specsavers Raynor gold-framed glasses; gold is always an on-trend colour at this time of year because it will brighten a winter complexion even on the greyest days. Go full-fashion and wear these glasses with a trending pilot jacket and you’ll look like you’ve come straight off the catwalk.

Motor menswear

The visibility of motorcycle and biker clothing in streetwear was evident throughout the summer months, and will only blossom into an autumn-winter 2022 fashion trend too. Metal frames lean into this style, like the simplistic Converse CV3014 frames for men. 

Similarly, the Specsavers Entry 15 glasses for women will pair nicely with this style. For the full outfit, think oversized retro racer jacket with red, black and white highlights paired with silvery jewellery, silver or black metal frames and loose-fit jeans. Style — nailed.

Corporate tailoring

This year corporate tailoring is going out of office with workwear such as waist jackets, blazers and suit trousers being incorporated into everyday looks. This new 2022 autumn-winter fashion trend means even if you’re not in the office every day, your corporate clothes don’t need to go to waste, which also helps build an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Corporate tailoring meets Y2K nostalgia with these rimless Ultralite glasses. Sleek, elegant and a celebrity style favourite, these rimless glasses are the perfect nod to the corporate tailoring trend this autumn-winter season. The great thing about this trend is that it is completely unisex, so why not pair these glasses with some tailored trousers and a suit jacket over a more casual t-shirt to play around with the trend — add a tie if you’re feeling extra fashion forward.

Earthy tones

An evergreen autumn-winter colour trend is earthy tones. Summer might have been about bright colours and dopamine dressing, but this season calls for earthy browns, deep greens or even burnt orange. 

These Specsavers Dermot glasses give us all the back-to-school feels. The round acetate frames come in an olive green colour with contrasting brown tortoiseshell sides. These sunglasses will look great paired with your favourite woolly jumper or cardigan as we start to dress a little cosier again.


An unexpected autumn-winter trend for this year is the colour pink. Not just any pink though — think the brightest, boldest pinks you could find. We saw this trend on the red carpet recently, and now it’s your turn to look pretty in pink.

These Marc Jacobs magenta pink glasses with rose gold branding and glittery sides would make Barbie herself jealous! Pair these glasses with a monochrome outfit for a small nod to the autumn-winter Barbiecore trend or go all-out and wear them with your favourite LPD (little pink dress).

What next?

If you’re not sure which autumn-winter trend will work for you, why not try our virtual try-on guide or flick through our buyer’s guides to see what would look best with your hair colour and face shape? Or, for more eyewear trends and popular styles make sure to check out our #LoveGlasses blog.