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Power dressing from the waist-up for your virtual meetings

With social-distancing, restrictions and tier systems in full swing, video-conferencing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But how can you become the most stylish person at the virtual-office? Well, with the cold weather and early dark nights, it can be harder than ever to stay motivated. But, through the influence of power dressing, you can keep your head in the game whilst looking fierce from the waist-up.

What is power dressing?

In 2012, two psychologists came up with a theory that what you wear can have an effect on the way you feel, function and think. It’s called ‘Enclothed Cognition’. While the theory initially looked at dressing in work and social scenario — it can certainly be applied to working from home too! Power dressing from the waist up during virtual meetings and video calls could help you feel confident and more productive, whilst also looking great. Let’s look at how we can incorporate seasonal trends into your wardrobe to make you feel cool, calm and collected whilst working from home.

Bold jewel tones

Commanding attending even in the tiny video call window on your screen — jewel tones are the perfect way to virtually power-dress. Bold colours are a big hit this season, with ruby and gold looks in particular making a splash. And designers such as Celine, Paco Rabbane and Michael Kors recently sent gold glamour down the runways. What an enchanting way to make your screen glow and give your mood that extra sparkle. 

Or, make a statement to remember in red. A colour so captivating it draws the attention of others whilst making us feel strong and powerful. With overshirts being the go-trend, why not try putting on your best red top and make an entrance to your video-call?

Bright collars and bold sleeves

Speaking of shirts, there are countless styles you can incorporate this office staple into your video call outfit. A shirt is the perfect way to feel sophisticated and professional, but let’s take it one step further. Why not opt for a bold pattern, a balloon sleeve or a statement collar? 

Patterns are everywhere, in particular ones with a retro aesthetic. Have some fun exploring the 70’s styles to bring some groove to your virtual calls. Feeling bold? Try a balloon sleeve in a soft colour for that feminine touch or go black for that gothic princess feel. Or, team cute collars with seasonal knit jumpers, vests or cardigans for that comfortable yet classy touch. All of these looks have dominated the catwalks and will be sure to keep you on-trend.

Don’t neglect your accessories

As business woman and style icon Iris Apfel attests, with a few accessories “you can create a million different looks”. And when it comes to power-dressing (virtually or otherwise) jewellery, nothing makes a statement like a bold pair of earrings. Thick gold hoops and pearl drop earrings are key this season — team these with a sleek low bun and you’ll be feeling like you can take on the world. 

If you want to go that extra mile, why not try layering some simple necklaces? Mix up some dainty styles such as rope and snake chains. Another key accessory to consider is the headband. A satin, velvet or embellished band could be the key to creating your fashionista moment!

Statement glasses

Last but certainly not least, your glasses. Given the key focus of virtual meetings is your face, a pair of statement glasses will take your look to the next level and keep you feeling professional. 

Our exciting range of frames from designers such as Viktor-Rolf and Marc Jacobs is giving us all the feels this season. From exaggerated square frames and lightweight magenta glasses to double framed aviators; we’ve got you covered. There’s a style to suit every fashion moment you’ll be creating. You can see the full range of glasses we have on offer here.

You can also view our guide to choosing glasses that compliment your hair colour and to fit your face shape, to match the seasonal trends and make the ultimate impact.

For loads more styles, browse our website to find your perfect pair. You can also check the buyer’s guide to glasses and our virtual try-on to really embody our powerful frames. For more articles on popular glasses and style, browse the articles on the #LoveGlasses blog.