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How to nail “Scandi style” with glasses

Looking to achieve the Scandi look? Our new and exclusive Luxe collection is inspired by Nordic street style; with a minimalist approach in design and a focus on individual expression. The collection offers a range of rich, earthy tones, for a classy and timeless aesthetic. What’s more, the Scandinavian style glasses are handcrafted from bio-based acetate and recycled metals. Read on to find out how to style the new Scandinavian style glasses.

What is scandinavian style?

Scandinavian design is all about combining function and beauty with a simple aesthetic. This look has been recently revived in popular fashion, led by a wave of Nordic influencers, with minimalistic “scandi style” visible everywhere from furniture to interiors to fashion. In fashion, Scandi style translates to block colours, relaxed pairings and quality items.

Scandinavian glasses style

Why not experiment by combining your Scandinavian-style glasses with unexpected textures? Grey is a tonal colour that works well when layered so try pairing a comfy powder grey knit with our Luxe FERN glasses. The pilot style frames paired with the neutral, grey acetate rims are a cool but simple aesthetic. The design adds a retro 70s feel to the traditional Nordic look.

Double bridge glasses

The great thing about the double bridge pilot feature is that it can be added to any shape lens. For instance, it can be adopted on a more traditional rounded shape like the IZAR glasses. Rounded pilot style frames already have a classic and “clean” look, so pair them with simple and clean-cut clothing, like a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a classic leather jacket.

The YARI frames are a modern take on the pilot-style with a hexagonal shape lens, semi-rimless design and barely there rims. These Scandinavian inspired glasses would pair perfectly with a neutral tailored suit with a relaxed or oversized fit and a colourful trainer or shoe.

Scandinavian minimalism

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that confidently express your style, without compromising on sophistication, look no further than the AYSEL frames. The soft, hexagonal frames exude understated elegance with a sleek and versatile style. Going for a professional look? Trying to make a fashion statement? Either way, these glasses will elevate your outfit in true Scandi style.

Bold colour blocking

Scandi style is all about focusing on quality pieces, clean lines and relaxed styling and much of this is characterised by colour blocking and tonal outfits from neutral to brighter shades. Our ELWOOD frames are a great way to add a pop of colour, with their flattering clear yellow acetate. Consider clashing with khaki trousers and a light blue top.

If you're feeling daring, why not try pairing the SEAWEED frames with a patterned outfit? The combination of a bold color and a subtle pattern can create a stunning look. To achieve this, consider incorporating a brightly colored scarf, a daring lip shade, or a vibrant bag. The deep wine shade of the frames can be matched with stripes, polka dots or floral prints to complement their playful and whimsical nature.

Classic patterns for the win

Scandi style evades pattern, but if you’re wanting an ultra-modern look, why not pair the relaxed nature of Nordic style with a classic pattern? Take the TYHME optical frames with their oversized deep square lens and noticeable acetate rims. Style the subtle tortoishell pattern with neutral tones or browns, beige and cream.

Scout your Scandi Specs

Looking for your Scandi soulmate specs? Try our virtual try-on tool or take a look through our buyer’s guides to see what would look best with your hair colour and face shape. And make sure to check out the full Luxe collection here or  visit our #LoveGlasses blog for more eyewear trends and popular styles.