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Hexagonal sunglasses to style this summer season

Hexagonal sunglasses are back. Eyewear has strayed recently from its usual confines of round, oval, or square styles thanks to celebrities and style icons. With 70s styles and other retro shapes finally getting the attention they deserve, it’s no surprise that the hexagonal frames popular during the 1940s are enjoying a return to the limelight too. Our desire to relive the golden days of fashion has earned geometric frames a place on the podium of the hottest glasses trends this summer.

Hexagonal sunglasses history

Hexagonal frames enjoyed their peak in the 1940s when variety in lens shapes grew and adapted. Adventurous rounded frames, narrow-bottomed glasses, and angular octagonal and hexagonal shapes became coveted frame shapes.  

Quirky, fun, and different, the hexagon sunglasses trend has pushed standard-shaped lenses aside to become the must-have sunglasses for the summer. 

Women’s hexagonal sunglasses

Chunky frames

Dare to be bold with these chunky hexagonal sunglasses. The strong, exaggerated brow line and chevron patterned sides are sure to make a statement. Let these striking frames do the talking and remain the centre of attention by pairing with a plain white t-shirt and jeans.  

Thin and metallic

For anyone wanting to wear hexagonal sunglasses with a bit more versatility, opt for a rounded hexagon shape with a metal frame. These Megrim Sun RX frames playfully toe the line between experimental style, and a chic understated look. Style these with a denim jacket and loose-fitting dress to ooze effortless style and sophistication. 

Men’s hexagonal sunglasses

The prominent shape and slightly rounded aesthetic of hexagonal frames compliment all types of face shapes.

If you like a weighty, solid frame against your face shape, we recommend these stylish Lyle and Scott glasses. The six-sided frame adds an element of fashionable flair and brings a modern approach to traditional sunglasses shapes. These distinctive frames can be transformed into sunglasses with Specsavers’ sun tint and UV protection treatment, suitable for a sunny day. Perfect the summery look with a bold, bright printed shirt. 

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Tinted glasses

These brown tinted lenses will make a summer’s day feel even warmer. Put a spin on the traditional 40s style hexagon frames with the squared wire metal sunglasses and clean-cut lines. To execute the look, opt for a smart dress code in muted or pastel colours.  

Tinted lenses are in all the trends this summer, discover more about our other available colour tints here.

Are you feeling inspired to experiment with a hexagonal frame? Try out our virtual try-on tool to see what the new range would look like before you buy or for more tips about popular glasses and trends, visit our #LoveGlasses blog.