Geek-chic style with thick black glasses frames

Thick black glasses frames might once have been seen as uncool or ‘nerdy’, but these days you’ll find geek-chic glasses on the faces of everyone from hipsters to basketball players and catwalk models.

While monochrome glasses are an evergreen eyewear favourite, every few years geek-chic glasses come back into fashion in a big way. Get ahead of the trend and find your perfect pair of thick black glasses using our guide below.

Simple geek-chic glasses

These Specsavers Browning glasses are the epitome of geek-chic fashion. The simple and understated deep square frames come with a glossy black finish, flattering all skin tones and hair colours. Be boardroom ready with these monochrome glasses and pair them with a blazer and suit trousers to ooze confidence and intelligence for your next presentation at work.

Thick black glasses frames

The trendiest geek-chic glasses come with extra thick black frames. These Viktor-Rolf VR-04 glasses have a clean-cut square shape with a strong brow line for added thickness, creating a chunky acetate style that is sure to accentuate your jawline. Whether you are dressed up in a tuxedo for a formal event or wearing a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt at the weekend, accessorising with these monochrome glasses will help you stand out from the crowd.

Designer geek-chic

Geek-chic glasses are a fashion favourite; designers often accessorise their latest catwalk looks with thick black glasses frames and off-duty supermodels are frequently photographed wearing geek-chic eyewear with biker jackets and skinny jeans. These Marc Jacobs 04 glasses are a clear nod to this fashion aesthetic with a Wayfarer-inspired shape, a glossy black frame and subtle gold branding at the hinge. Wear with a tartan skirt and clashing patterned tights and you’ll have geek-chic down to an art.

Monochrome glasses

Whilst geek-chic glasses typically have thick black frames, why not experiment with monochrome fashion style and opt for these Specsavers Rocklea glasses? The black frames are offset fashionably against cool white tips. Don’t stop the coordination there — pair these glasses with your favourite black jeans and a white shirt or blouse for a monochromatic look from head to toe that will take you straight from the office to after-work drinks.

Gradient geek-chic glasses

If you’re worried about thick black eyewear frames washing you out, look no further than these Specsavers Washington glasses for men. The wayfarer-inspired frames are patterned with a gradient colouring, from black on the upper rim to a glossy clear acetate at the bottom. These suave two-tone geek-chic glasses have a creative flare to them and would look just as good with a blue suit on a weekday as a black windbreaker on the weekends.

Feminine geek-chic glasses

The typical square shape of geek-chic glasses lends itself to a fashionably androgynous look, but there are also ways to rock this monochromatic fashion trend with a feminine twist. These Specsavers Aurora glasses contrast thick black geek-chic frames with a subtle cat eye shape and crystal detailing. Pair these with a little black dress, diamonte tights and heeled shoes on a Friday night for the perfect mix of smart and sexy.

Find your style match

Can’t choose which pair of geek-chic glasses to go for? Try our virtual try-on guide or take a look through our buyer’s guides to see what would look best with your hair colour and face shape. And make sure to check out our #LoveGlasses blog for more eyewear trends and popular styles.