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Summer must-haves: oval sunglasses

Now that summer is (finally) just around the corner, we’ll all be reaching for our favourite pair of sunglasses to complete our looks and make us feel great. And this season, it’s oval frames that are the must-have design. Whether you’re looking for something chunky and retro, or want a more sleek, rimless silhouette, we’re here to give you a style rundown and help you find your perfect pair of oval sunglasses. 

Oval sunglasses style history

A firm 90s favourite, retro oval sunglasses are making a comeback this year, but where did this classic style come from?

Moving away from the oversized frames of the 70s and 80s, the 90s brought sleek silhouettes into fashion, epitomised by the era’s oval-shaped glasses. With softly curved lenses and usually tiny frames, the oval design experimented with a more minimalistic style and quickly became an iconic vintage look. With celebs today back on the retro oval trend, what better time than now to find your own pair of vintage oval sunglasses? 

Classic 90s oval sunglasses

It’s always said that “you can never go wrong with a classic” — and we’re obliged to agree!

These rose gold sunglasses are a great pair for everyday wear, and their curved lenses embody the oval trend perfectly. They’re cool, retro, and the etched detailing down the sides add a real touch of luxury.

If you’re more of a black sunglasses fan, then these Specsavers frames are the ones for you. The dark lenses are matched with sleek metal frames, giving a minimalistic style.

Whether you’re off to the pub, or out on a dinner date, these simple but stylish frames can be dressed up or down whatever the occasion.  

Black oval sunglasses

Love the 90s trend but not sure tiny oval sunglasses are for you? Well it’s not just thin metal frames that are in this season. Chunky sunnies are just as cool (if not cooler).  

These distinctively oval Liberty London sunglasses are black, bold, and beautiful.

Unlike harsh flat-top silhouettes, these chunky frames are matched with upswept cat-eye corners, making them more subtle and flattering for your face. If you’re looking for a new pair of everyday sunglasses, these ones will definitely do the job.

Contemporary twist on retro ovals

For an update on the nineties style, why not try these women’s oval sunglasses designed by Kylie Minogue.

The double pin detail at the front gives the classic shape a contemporary twist.

The crystal-pink colour creates a soft neutral tone to flatter any skin complexion, pair with a flowy skirt or floral dress for a fun, playful look.

Angled oval frames

If you’re not super keen on the tiny sunnies but still want to be trendy, then these Tommy Hilfiger men’s vintage oval sunglasses are the ones to get.

Adding a double bridge and more angled edges to the 90s design, these sunglasses are modern but still hint at the retro shape – taking any look from simple to sophisticated.

The subtle angles in the oval shape will complement a square or rectangle face shape especially.  

Tinting your thin, oval specs

If you can’t find the perfect pair of oval sunglasses, don’t worry, because you can transform nearly any pair of glasses into cool sunnies. Opt for green, grey or brown tints and we’ll rework your favourite glasses frames, making them your new statement sunglasses!

For the ultimate pair of tiny oval sunglasses, choose these Specsavers glasses. The frames are clean and simple, letting the retro design speak for itself. Going for a brown tint would best match the bronzed silhouettes, but really, we think any colour tint would be cool. 

Or, if you wanna throw it right back to the 90s, why not go all out with these alternative retro Specsavers frames.

The gold metal wire-rimmed sunglasses take the vintage look to the next level, and would be the perfect accessory to all of this year’s parties!

Find your perfect pair

Still not sure which frames to go for? You can virtually try out different oval sunglasses using our frame styler tool and use our buyer’s guide to help you choose the sunglasses that best suit your face shape. 

So whether you’re looking for some tiny oval sunglasses, or more chunky overstated frames, there’s a style out there for you — you just need to look back to the 90s and find it! For more sunglasses style inspo, check out our #LoveGlasses blog