How to use your eVouchers

Once your employer has registered for a Specsavers Corporate Eyecare account and purchased you a voucher, redeeming your benefit is simple.

Get your eVoucher

To start your corporate eyecare journey, your employer will supply you with an eVoucher that can be redeemed at any Specsavers store in the UK. 

Book an appointment

Once you’ve received it, simply book online or call the store to book an appointment. When you attend your eye test, remember to bring your eVoucher with you to present prior to you eye test.


Enjoy your free eye test. If you need glasses, you’ll be able to select a free pair from our £50 range too. Alternatively, you can use the £50 contribution towards a more expensive pair, and simply pay the difference.

What is Premium Club?

Premium Club is automatically built into any eVoucher. As part of this benefit, you are entitled to a further £20 discount off glasses from our £100 range or above. This gives you a combined contribution of £70. 

Employees can also request two further Premium Club eVouchers annually, to be used by members of their family. All they have to do is present their eVoucher at any one of the our UK stores and they are eligible for the same great discount.

Why is eye health important in the workplace?

No job is worth putting your eyesight at risk. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for workers to get precisely the eyecare they need to get on with the job, while also staying safe. 

In jobs such as construction and manufacturing there are countless situations where your eyes can be put at risk. This includes everything from flying sparks and debris to chemical burns and blunt force trauma. 

In other jobs, the risks to eye health may be less obvious. For instance, office workers can experience dry, tired eyes after sitting at a screen all day. And did you know that a third of road deaths and a fifth of serious injuries involve a working driver? A lot of these types of accidents are linked to hazards such as decreased visibility and glare.

Neglecting your eye health puts you at risk of avoidable accidents and long-term sight damage. The good news, however, is that you may be entitled to free eyecare through your employer. In a wide range of working environments, including offices, driving, industrial, manufacturing and construction, your employer may be legally obliged to provide eyecare to employees. All the protection you need is available in just a few simple steps.


Working with computer screens and other visual display units (VDUs) can cause some people to experience problems such as eyestrain, eye irritation and difficulties refocusing. Under UK rules, employees that work with VDUs could be entitled to an eye examination and basic frames and lenses. Find out more about eye protection for office workers and other VDU users here.


Construction sites are home to multiple eye health hazards, including cement dust, paint and chemical splashes, metal sparks, heat and fumes. Staying safe requires durable, high-quality eyewear. Prescription safety eyewear provides just that, without the need to fit clumsy goggles over existing spectacles. Explore how to keep your eyes safe on site

Transport and logistics

Eye deterioration happens to us all. Even the most experienced professional drivers can easily find themselves affected by poor visibility, glare, or observation failure, which can put them at a greater risk of being involved in accidents. Learn more about driving glasses options for corporate customers

What to expect from your eye appointment

Before you come in, a couple of things to remember: 

  • If you wear glasses: please bring your current pair to your appointment.  
  • If you wear contact lenses: please bring your glasses, contact lenses and, if you use them, case and solution, as you’ll need to remove your lenses for the examination.

What happens in the eye test?

  • We’ll take a history from you, and discuss any concerns you have about your eyes. Your optometrist will ask about your work, general health and family history. 
  • We’ll carry out a variety of tests to assess different aspects of your eye health and vision. 
  • After the tests, your optometrist will discuss the results and offer any necessary advice. If you need glasses, this includes talking you through lens and frame options to ensure you get the protection you need. Treatment for any eye conditions are also discussed at this point, as well as possible referral to a specialist.

Ready to make full use of your employee eVoucher? Book an eye test today.


If I request an appointment outside my usual retest cycle, does my employer have to find this?

Yes - under the current legislation you are entitled to request an eye examination at any time if you feel your eyes have been damaged or strained, or if you have suffered headaches as a consequence of computer work.

How long are the eVouchers valid for?

They are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.