From ground-up projects to interior renovation, construction environments are home to some of the most significant risks to workers’ vision. Specsavers' protective eyewear keeps your employees safe and helps keep your business compliant with the law.

Learn more about the type of durable, high-quality eyewear you need to protect tradespeople, surveyors, engineers and all other workers on site.

Construction safety products (eyewear)

Construction workers’ eyes are routinely at risk of injury from multiple hazards, including dust, chemical splashes, sparks, heat and fumes. Our safety glasses are expertly designed to let your people get on with the job, safe in the knowledge that their eyes are protected. 

All safety eyewear options are equipped with scratch-resistant safety lenses and are available in a choice of robust frame materials. So no matter how challenging the site conditions are, you can tailor the glasses specification to match your requirements. 

Specsavers’ safety glasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses. This allows them to be worn in place of employees' everyday spectacles — so no need for the clumsy fitting of goggles over glasses. 

Types of lens and specifications available

All Specsavers glasses come with standard CR39 single-vision lenses, scratch-resistant treatment, robust case and cloth. Bifocal and varifocal lenses as well as a number of additional lens extras and treatments are available at an additional cost. Subject to suitability. 

Lens options include the following: 

  • Polycarbonate. Built for impact resistance for protection against blunt object trauma. Also offers good UV protection. 
  • Toughened glass. Robust and scratch-resistant, toughened glass lenses also help ensure optimal light distribution: useful for confined, minimally-lit areas. 
  • Tint and Clip-on UV tints. Shield the eyes from sunlight and other forms of UV radiation. The clip-on variant is a useful option where there is the need for employees to frequently swap between interior and exterior building work. 
  • Anti-reflection treatment (glass frames only). Help shield the eyes from sunlight glare.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) filter. Effective protection against intense UV radiation which can lead to arc eye. 
  • UltraClear Superclean. Useful for minimising any annoying build-up of building site dust on the lens, this is our very own enhanced anti-reflection and scratch-resistant treatment. Discover more here
  • Reactions. Our Reactions photochromic lenses cleverly adapt to light conditions. They automatically give you the clarity you need for indoor work but step outside into bright natural light and they darken, ensuring 100% natural UV protection.  

Benefits of high-quality safety eyewear

Peace of mind 

The first step to keeping your employees safe in construction environments involves assessing the specific hazards they are exposed to. 

Next, it’s about providing the protection necessary to protect against those hazards. This is where we come in. From frames with side shields and temple tips to a wide range of possible lens options, it has never been easier to get the precise PPE you need. Any queries and our Specsavers Corporate team are here to help. 

All products are built to the highest standards. You can be sure that your Specsavers' safety eyewear is fully compliant with all relevant EU and UK standards. Click here to read our guide to safety eyewear including the relevant regulations and performance standards.

Cost efficiency

Investing in robust, scratch-resistant, employee-specific safety eyewear has many clear cost-saving benefits. Not only will high-quality safety eyewear last in the long run, but it means that employees feel valued in the workplace. A custom made pair of safety glasses can make all the difference when it comes to boosting staff loyalty and employee retention. 

Standard ‘over-the-glasses’ safety goggles, on the other hand, are uncomfortable and lead to employees removing their eyewear frequently. This, and overall poor quality, leads to scratches and disrepair that require a new pair of safety glasses after every job. Invest in high-quality now, to save money for the future.

Minimal maintenance, maximum productivity 

Robust carry cases with a belt clip come as standard. Frames and inbuilt shields are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and all lenses are scratch-resistant. 

Thanks to all this, annoying eyewear malfunctions are one less thing to worry about. Wearing our glasses becomes second nature, leaving your employees to get on with the job.

Safer construction sites

Eye trauma is one of the most common forms of workplace injury. Read more.

While the majority of incidents do not result in permanent damage, they are still distressing, requiring immediate treatment, recuperation, and of course — reporting. 

The good news is that with the right protective equipment, eye trauma — major or minor — is one of the easiest types of injury to prevent. Specsavers’ safety glasses are hardwired to help you get jobs done on time, on budget, without incident, and with employees’ eye health in mind. 

What types of work is safety eyewear suitable for?

Interior construction 

Suitable for plasterers, electricians, joiners and plumbers, we offer a range of lens and frame options that are ideal for enclosed environments, where the build-up of dust and other contaminants can be especially hazardous. 

Side and temple shielding form a barrier against dust, liquid and gas contamination, while also helping to prevent heat irritation. Our very own UltraClear SuperClean treatment means less time wasted having to wipe smudged or dusty lenses. Photochromatic lenses darken or lighten automatically as you switch between open environments and confined, ill-lit areas. 

Building construction 

For trades such as machine operators and banksmen, prescription safety glasses combined with anti-reflection treatment or UV tints minimise the risk of accidents caused by glare.

For bricklayers, scaffolders, roofers and general labourers, our safety glasses not only protect against debris and contaminants but also help shield the wider eye area from blunt force trauma. Find out more about caring for your eyes on a construction site here.

Civil engineering 

For employees involved in metal-cutting processes such as grinding, safety glasses with EN Standard-compliant UV filters effectively protect the eye from harmful metallic flashes. 

We also offer a range of eyewear options suitable for architects, surveyors, site supervisors and managers. If you are constantly switching between site visits and your office, our prescription eyewear offerings mean there is no need to swap between site goggles and desk glasses. 

Do you work in construction?

Protect your employees in three easy steps with the safety glasses eVoucher scheme. 


What specification is your prescription safety glasses?

BS EN 166. Our plastic polymer (CR39) and toughened glass are tested to ‘increased robustness’ specification (this is symbolised by an ‘S’ in the engraving). Polycarbonate is tested to ‘high-speed particle — low energy impact’ specification (this is symbolised by an ‘F’ in the engraving). 

Do your glasses come with polycarbonate lenses?

Our prescription safety glasses include CR39 standard single-vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment as standard. Polycarbonate lenses are available at extra cost. 

Is there an additional cost for multifocal lenses?

Yes — it costs £36.81 for Standard bifocal or Standard varifocal lenses. The employee has the option to upgrade at their own cost to Premium, Elite or Tailor-made varifocal lenses. 

Do you offer plastic frames for industries that require them?

Yes, we offer a range of both plastic and metal frames. Our plastic range includes polycarbonate frames which are popular due to their lightness and durability. You can view all options here.  

Am I able to upgrade to prescription safety glasses at my own cost?

Yes, you can upgrade to bifocal and varifocal lenses. This is a personal extra and payable at the point of transaction. You are not allowed to add any extra tints or treatments.   

If my safety glasses break, can I get them repaired in store?

In order for us to comply with our BSI Kitemark licence (in respect to BS EN166 - Personal Eye Protection), all repairs must be tested for compliance to that standard, and therefore must be carried out at our designated manufacturing site. The typical turnaround for repairs is five working days. Every pair of prescription safety glasses holds a two-year warranty, free of charge.