Dark haired young man wearing browline glasses

Browline glasses: How to get the semi-rimless look

Gaining popularity in the 1950s and 60s, browline glasses are still one of the most iconic styles to date. Suiting almost everyone because of the variation in frame design, browline specs are great for every season and any occasion.  

What are browline glasses?

With the upper rim of the lens being thicker than the lower, the frames help draw attention to the wearer’s brow line — hence their name. Browline glasses are similar to semi-rimless frames, with the exaggerated brow being the main feature of the glasses but browline offers a more modern, thin brow line alternative. They can come in all different materials, black acetate being the original, but now the style has evolved into a variety of colourful frames, metal silhouettes and contemporary designs. 

Here is a rundown of our favourite browline glasses to help you find the best pair to suit your style... 

(Semi-)rimless and round

These Lyle and Scott glasses are a classic. Edging towards a more retro style with their round lenses, the browline is highlighted with the tortoiseshell pattern. Gold accents bring the frames to life and make them the perfect everyday specs. 

Or opt for a more colourful alternative with these gorgeous Kylie Minogue frames. The subtle red, purple and orange tones run through the glasses and are complemented by the copper-coloured rims. You could pick out any one of the beautiful colours within the frames and  make it the accent colour of your outfit, or, if you’re not so daring with your fashion choices keep your clothes neutral and let the glasses speak for themselves — the choice is yours!  

These Kylie frames have a havana-inspired style in their pattern. Read more about havana-inspired frames here

Double bridge glasses

To help exaggerate the browline even more, why not go for double-bridged frames? These will.i.am glasses are big, bold and brilliant. The classic pilot-style has been given a futuristic twist to make them an instant showstopper. The exaggerated black double bridge is contrasted with the brushed gold accents, completing the look. 

Not looking for bold black glasses? Then go for these Specsavers frames. Their neutral colour pallet complements every skin tone, and they can easily be either dressed up or down depending on where the day takes you. 

For round face shapes, you should go for the rounded frames we mentioned earlier, or if you want the double-bridged style then we suggest these Specsavers Bessie frames. The softer edges complement your features, and with only subtle accents on the edges of the browline, they will keep your face balanced.  

Angled, semi-rimless frames

The Specsavers Titanium are the perfect squared semi-rimless glasses. Their navy blue metallic upper rim embodies the browline style, while the rimless lower lens blends seamlessly into your face — cleverly designed to draw even more attention to the browline. Pair these with a simple black jacket either leather or denim, and your staple pair of jeans for a casual yet sophisticated look. 

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For a more feminine style, go for these Specsavers Roissy frames. Again with angular lenses, these ruby red frames definitely draw attention to the browline, and the subtle cat-eye design exaggerates it even more. Wear with a red lip and match with some red nails for the perfect accent colour to stand out against a monochrome outfit. Pair your glasses and nails with a red bag, to capture the attention wherever you go. 

Subtle browline glasses 

But what if you’re not really looking for an over-exaggerated browline but still want the upper rims to pop? Then these Specsavers Clichy frames are the ones to go for. Drawing attention to the brows with subtle golden accents, the metal finish adds elegance to these semi-rimless frames. Pair with a classic suit or evening dress for a sophisticated and stylish outfit. 

But which glasses are right for you?

Face shape is everything when it comes to picking glasses. The general rule is that you should pick a style to compliment the structure of your face.  So, if you have sharper features then go for angled frames and for softer faces, you should opt for more rounded specs. Read a full breakdown of choosing glasses to suit your face shape here. However, if you really fall in love with a pair of glasses that don’t “technically” match your face, then we give you permission to throw the rule book out the window and wear them until your heart’s content! 

Want to check out the new range before buying? Then why not use our virtual try on tool to see which browline glasses suit you best. For more glasses inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog now.