Your Glasses Style

Chic glasses for women over 50 with short hairstyles

Being fun and fashionable doesn’t stop when you turn 50 — and glasses are a great way to express your personal style. For older women with short hairstyles, there are endless amounts of trendy frame shapes and styles that will suit you, it’s just about finding the right pair. So whether you rock a sleek pixie cut or classic bob, here are our top picks of stylish specs just for you.

The pixie cut

The pixie cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 50 — and with so many style variations, from layered undercuts to the long pixie, it’s not hard to see why. Whatever pixie cut you sport, cat-eye glasses are the style for you. With the simplicity of your hair, exaggerated feline frames will draw attention to your eyes and add dimension to your face. Not to mention, they’re a timeless look that works on anyone, no matter your age. For glasses to complement your pixie cut, try this Marc Jacobs pair. Their warm burgundy frames soften their oversized silhouette, while gold accents add a touch of glamour.

The rounded or feathered bob

The classic bob is a timeless haircut that looks great no matter your age, with round and feathered styles adding volume to your locks. For rounded bob hairstyles, you’ll want to choose round or oval glasses that will complement the curves and movement of your bouncy locks. Take these Marc Jacobs 12 glasses, for instance. Their retro-inspired round lenses and brown tortoiseshell are effortlessly chic. Or, if you’re embracing grey hair gracefully, these ultra-modern Beatrice frames will perfectly complement your silver locks.

The asymmetric bob

Asymmetric bobs are a playful take on the classic hairstyle — so we know you’re not afraid to go bold with your fashion. With a hairstyle as trendy as this, you can pick almost any glasses style — be adventurous with out-there frames to match your cool cut, or go simple and let your hair do the talking.

If you want your stylish haircut to be the main focus, we suggest a plain glasses silhouette, maybe in black or dark tortoiseshell, as anything too exaggerated may upstage your hair. Or, match your bold cut with a bolder pair of statement specs, like these Karen Miller KM 105 glasses. Animal print is chic, on-trend, and lets everyone know that you’re confident in your style.

The layered lob

The lob hairstyle seems to suit almost everyone, and adding some fun, choppy layers can help to give you an effortlessly chic, yet edgy, look. For glasses to match, your go-to choice should be a pair of clubmaster-style frames. Their emphasised upper rim draws attention upwards, and helps to balance out your longer hairstyle. This style works great as sunglasses too, and you can even be adventurous with your colour choices and patterns — if that’s your style.

Short hairstyles with a fringe

Do bangs look good with glasses? The answer is yes, but you need to take care choosing the right style of glasses or you’ll risk overcrowding your face.

With side bangs, avoid broad or oversized glasses — they will add too much width to the sides of your face, where your bangs are already the main event. Go for thin, narrow teardrop frames (like this Harriet pair) that complement your hairstyle. Got a full fringe? Opt for thin metal or acetate frames to open up your face and complement bangs. Aviator-style frames are the go-to choice as their flat brow line mirrors the blunt line of your fringe — and these Atwood glasses do just that.

Try out your glasses

With so much variety, it can sometimes be tricky to know where to start when choosing a new pair of glasses. Using our virtual try-on tool, you can try on as many different glasses as you like to see which ones best suit your short haircut and personal style.

For more inspiration on how to stay chic and trendy with your frames, check out our #LoveGlasses blog.