What we’re wearing: Spring/Summer 2021

Spring is here, the weather has done a complete 360 degrees, and the end of lockdown is insight. We can’t wait to get outside and revel in the newfound glory of dressing up in Spring/Summer fashions.

But what are the fashion trends this upcoming season? After many months spent indoors, the warm weather in Spring and Summer months has given new meaning to the phrase ‘dress to impress’. Expect to see this elation reflected in eyewear styles this season. Think cheerful colours, reminiscent of holidays abroad, think feel-good prints, and lots of sparkles! As well as this, fashion lovers will be bringing back minimalist monochrome frames to make a statement.

With A/W 2021 fashion shows in full swing, we will be taking a look at what everyone is ‘virtually’ wearing to the various Fashion Weeks, while we reaffirm our love for fashion by taking the key trends and injecting them into our style by the choice of glasses. 

Read on to find out how to incorporate and reflect the new trends in your glasses choice.

Floral prints

Nothing says Spring/Summer like a floral print. If fun, feminine patterns are for you, opt for a Cath Kidston frame. Here, Cath Kidston takes its trademark floral print and applies it to the front of these polished gold and round, wire-rimmed glasses. The deep blue base of the acetate plastic sides help to make the floral pattern stand out in a burst of colour.

If you love flowery, pastel shades, but you prefer a more minimal style, the Specsavers Gardner frames are for you. Their vibrant, metallic frames offer a refreshing update to a more simple silhouette. The dainty soft lilac and light pink hues are the perfect way to achieve a subtle lustrous finish. Pair these glasses with a more casual look for an understated edge to off-duty outfits. 

To find out more about metallic frames, read our previous blog here.

Monochrome makes a comeback

Although Spring/Summer fashion oozes colour and intricate prints, minimalist monochrome frames are a surefire way to execute your seasonal look. 

If sleek, minimalist frames are right up your street, then look no further than these French Connection frames. Whether you want to dress head-to-toe in black or prefer a subtle, simple frame to pair with your bright outfit, these chic square glasses perfectly elevate any style.

Feel-good printed frames

Choose a pair of glasses featuring hints of colour with a darker base colour to draw out the hues in more intriguing frames.

These tortoiseshell frames flash a vivid, kaleidoscopic pattern, which is undoubtedly a focal point. A dark backdrop can truly maximise the glasses’ fashion potential. Why not pick out your favourite colour from the frames to dictate your outfit choice for the day?   Or try these Levi’s timeless round specs, in a palette of browns and yellows. The bright speckles of yellow will sparkle against your eyes, brightening any look with the fiery design. Using small pops of colour is an effortless way to dress up your look. Both the rectangular and round shape of these two rims reference a more traditional style, so it is also perfect for people who want to keep their eyewear simple.
You can browse our full collection of Levis frames here.

Pretty in pink

Spring is set to be a joyful time for fashion, and after wearing comfortable, faded loungewear for too long, we’re excited about this! If you want to try something new or spruce up an existing outfit, infuse some fuchsia or hot pink into it via your glasses choice. These vivid, bold Converse glasses are perfect for the look and would pair with both a colourful outfit or a look that features more soft, pastel colours.

Sparkles are here to stay

What’s the life of a girl out of lockdown without a bit of sparkle? If you want your glasses to make a bold statement and glimmer in the sun, opt for a frame with glitter details! These Kylie Minogue chunky black glasses are embellished with delicate, glitter detail speckled along the brow and are guaranteed to grab attention.

The black frame offers a level of sophistication, whilst adding extra shimmer to your look. What better way to enjoy the sun than to dazzle in front of your friends with your glasses?

Ocean eyes

When you think of summer, do you think of the blue tones of the summer sky or the clear ocean hues? If you love blue, and you’d like to incorporate it into your Spring/Summer wardrobe, then look no further than these Levi’s frames. Distinguished but stylish, these ocean blue, deep square glasses would compliment any summer outfit of your choice. 

If you want to make a statement, these stand-out, round sunglasses from KENZO could be perfect and are ideal for a festival! The translucent frames are a peaceful blue tone and the sides feature a psychedelic print of bright blue and purple; a flawless combination. Plus they nail that 70s sunglasses silhouette we’re seeing everywhere right now.

Feeling inspired to experiment with any of these trends this Spring/Summer? Our virtual try-on tool lets you try-out many pairs of glasses before you buy — so you can find the perfect fit for your hair colour and face shape.

Browse our full glasses collection here, or for more tips about popular glasses and trends, visit our #LoveGlasses blog.