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Timberland launch Earthkeepers glasses collection

With the launch of Timberland’s new glasses collection, nature enthusiasts can bring the great outdoors to their glasses style — without compromising on sustainability. 

Timberland is ‘committed to building better products, stronger communities and a greener future, one step at a time’, which largely inspired their latest collection. 

Eyewear production can sometimes use resources which leave a negative impact on the environment and world around us. The Earthkeepers symbol marked on each pair of frames represents Timberland’s commitment to eco-innovation — aiming to make a more positive impact on the world. 

With this new collection, you can now express your admiration of nature through the frames you wear, whether they’re clear and modern, or metal and minimal. Bring Timberland’s passion for the outdoors into your everyday look with these styling tips.

Square frames for the inner explorer

These Timberland frames can help unleash your inner explorer. Their square, darkly-coloured frames are practical enough for taking a stroll in nature or hiking through the woods, yet are versatile enough to transition you into an evening look. Their structured shape and contrasting lighter interior help frame the face, emphasising the eyes to create a sleek finish. Baring the Earthkeepers mark, these glasses are a true example of style and nature working in harmony.

Stylish clear frames for outdoor adventurers

Clear frames are one of this season’s most popular glasses styles which is why all outdoor adventurers should give them a try. Effortlessly on-trend, these round frames in particular offer a retro style that compliments most face shapes. Those looking for a rectangle style whilst keeping it uncomplicated have found a match with this design

Semi-rimless frames inspired by the ocean

With a mix of metal and tortoiseshell imitation materials, these Timberland semi-rimless glasses are inspired by seas, rivers and oceans. The sleek metal along the browline gives a water-like feel, and the blue tone naturally compliments most eye colours. Semi-rimless styles are always a sophisticated choice, and their clear bottoms are ideal for opening up the face. 

Pilot style frames for the modern adventurer

Pilot style frames are a well-known choice for adventurers — whether you're appreciating nature’s beauty on the ground, in the air or on the sea. Blending fashion and functionality, Timberland’s contemporary twist on the classic design is truly befitting of a modern-day adventurer. With contrasting green sides and their signature Timberland logo on the temples, this autumnal colour palette makes use of earthy woodland tones.

Tortoiseshell-style frames inspired by nature

This frame style is similar to the sleek square shape mentioned above, but with a tortoiseshell pattern inspired by nature. Instantly connected with the natural world, brown tortoiseshell-style frames are less stark on the face, warming and brightening-up your complexion. And as this pattern holds a mix of tones, these frames will also compliment almost any hair colour. Combined with the modern frame shape, these versatile glasses can work for both a trip to the office and a camping excursion.

Timberland’s new range is crafted with nature in mind. If you’re looking for a new pair of specs, you can browse the full collection here. And with our online tool, you’ll be able to virtually try-on as many frames as you like to find out which suit you best. 

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