2021 Trends: What we’re wearing

In the wake of a third lockdown, the 2021 trends will be showcased through our computer screens as we continue our lives confined in our homes. However, getting excited over new trends and changing up our look is something that will help fashion lovers regain a sense of normality, even if the pandemic is still influencing the styles of the season.

2021 will see an increased focus on bolder trends that translate well across video calls. For glasses, they can be styled to draw attention to the face – something which is important during a time of endless Zoom calls, or an opportunity to change up your style and lift your morale by treating yourself to a new pair of specs.

So, as the year begins to play out, what fashion trends will come to the fore? And how can you get the look?

2021 Statement Styling

The season favourite this year is statement styling. The multiple lockdowns have presented an opportunity to the people yearning to try out daring trends. What better time to try a bolder frame than now? Acclimatise to a new, bold look such as these Osiris frames, in the comfort of your home, and then show them off on your next Zoom call! 

These distinctive specs will make you feel confident and powerful, and demand attention; an important way to power dress for video calls.

Bringing back the 70s style

The inherently cool 70s style is making a comeback in men’s fashion in 2021, but this style also looks great on women. The allure of the classic free-spirited and rock’n'roll silhouettes of 50 years ago is trickling back into mainstream fashion. 

Introducing this style through your glasses is a subtle take on the trend and a great way to achieve the look without it being overkill. Get the laidback 70s look with these acetate glasses from DKNY. Glasses with soft beige hues are the perfect way to achieve the look without looking like a member of The Brady Bunch.

Chunky glasses

With the continued wearing of facemasks, wearing extravagant and chunky frames is a great way to inject some style into your look for your daily walk or trip to the supermarket. For more tips on how to style your facemask, read our article.

A strong, thick pair of glasses adds structure the face and will give you a contemporary, stylish look. These chunky plastic glasses are a stylish way to get the look. They feature a square shape that flares out slightly at the bottom for a subtly quirky effect. Metallic accents adorn the outer edge of the front for extra wow-factor and they translate better through screens than subtle, dainty frames.

Earth Tones

With so much time spent indoors recently, bring a natural element to your look with earth-toned frames. Experiment with trendy, stand-out browns, oranges, blues and greens. Brown shades will bring some warmth to your face, and greens shades will brighten your complexion.

These dainty, deep chocolate-brown tortoiseshell glasses from Marc Jacobs are ideal to achieve this look. The acetate plastic is finished with gold branding on the sides and a dipped bridge for an added spark.

Oversized frames

If you want to draw attention to your eyes on your next Zoom call, try a fashionable pair of oversized glasses like these frames. This style has always been popular, but it’s an especially perfect statement piece to wear during lockdown; while you’re dressing more casually, why not dress up your glasses style?  

To stay on-trend, these oversized glasses are a refreshing twist on the stylish rounded shape. The lime green colour adds a pop of brightness, and the slim structure will help to accentuate the focus on your eyes. A mix of curves on the front, with contrasting straight lines along the brow line and cross-over bridge, give these glasses extra flair to complement any look.

We hope you feel inspired to experiment with the 2021 fashion trends. If you are wondering which styles you would like this try this year, or which frames will compliment your hair colour and face shape, use our virtual try-on guide. The tool allows you to see what a pair of glasses would look like on you before you buy, perfect for online shopping.

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