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Winter Fashion 2023: Winter Sunglasses

It might be a little chilly outside, but as soon as the sun shines this Autumn/Winter there’s no better time than to reach for your winter sunnies. As seen in recent fashion week shows across the globe, sunglasses in winter are a yes and we’re all ears. Take a look at our top sunglasses picks for best-in-class winter fashion this year.

How to style winter sunglasses

The new season brings plenty of opportunities to complete your look with a pair of winter sunglasses whether that’s a trip to the Christmas markets, a spot of aprés-ski partying, or a a wholesome back-to-nature-frosty-red-nosed stroll. Plus, shades in the winter can help to minimise glare from reflective surfaces like snow and ice - a win-win.

Pair your chosen frames with a similar colour palette to create cohesive winter outfits, like rich browns, festive greens or cherry reds. Or, stick with neutral everyday sunnies in safe tortoiseshell or black territory that will transition you through the seasons with ease. Whatever you choose, layer with chunky knits, oversized scarfs, your go-to hat and snowboots for a snug, cosy look.

Women’s winter sunglasses

Classic for the win

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of frames. A simple, feminine silhouette like the cat-eye is appropriate for just about any setting.

These glamorous black acetate sunglasses by Liberty are just that.

Added gold detailing and tinted lenses add a touch of elegance to finish the look. Perfect for an aprés-ski aesthetic. Or, go for an all-black fit in full “gothic glamour” style.

Festive winter outfits

Step into traditional winter colours with these statement Vivienne Westwood frames.

The standout tartan pattern creates maximum impact whilst the oversized, chunky frames take the aesthetic one step further.

The perfect partner for your chunky winter fashion accessories. Think neverending scarfs, fluffy hats, chunky sweaters and knitted mittens.

The all-rounder

Elevate your style with a simple round frame such as these Specsavers sunglasses.

Adorned with luxurious details such as the rose gold metal exterior, textured details and tortoiseshell combination.

Designer style on a budget. That’s something we all want to see on the winter fashion 2023 mood board.

Men’s winter sunglasses

Suave square

If you’re investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses for winter, choose a simple frame that can take you through the seasons.

Just like the Hugo Boss sunglasses pictured here. The square lenses are a safe best whilst the glossy-black acetate makes for a sleek finish.

Throw on your winter trend coat, smart oversized trousers and leather shoes to ace quiet luxury.

Racer wraparounds

Racer wraparounds have been all the rage this year, and based on fashion’s finest, the wraparound sporty style is here to stay as we enter the colder months too.

Love the look but need a prescription style? No problem.

Reach for Specsavers sunglasses in blue. Pair these frames with an oversized, graphic tee, skater jeans and trainers for a streetwear frenzy.

70s sunglasses

1970s fashion has been trending in previous years, and thanks to a continual wave of television and pop culture references, the 70s design is very much front and centre of the eyewear space.

Flat-top sunglasses are an easy way to level up here.

Like the pilot style square sunglasses by Specsavers. With a notable modern twist, these frames will inspire even the most dull outfits. So for us, it’s an easy win.

Geometric frames

At Specsavers, we believe in individual expression and that means that anyone can wear any frame from our collection.

These cool geometric black and gold Kylie sunglasses with their geometric fronts and subtle two-tone colourway could pair with almost any fit.

Try a trending grey, whether that’s a skirt, trousers or a dress.

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Not found the pair for you? Browse our full sunglasses catalogue for plenty more options. Even better, buy online from the comfort of your own home. Our Buyer’s Guide can provide further tips and tricks before you make the plunge. Check out the LoveGlasses blog for more style and trend inspiration.