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Back to school with Hype. Children’s glasses

As we welcome September, the return to school and the start of a new term, unfortunately, many children may begin noticing an unwelcome change to their eyesight. The increase of digital screen usage for children has brought with it a rise in cases of myopia - especially as a result of the pandemic - where we’ve all logged an extra five billion hours online and children aged 5-16 years now rack up a total of 6.3 hours of screen time per day.1,2

Further research has found that children are twice as likely to experience myopia now than 50 years ago, due to the impact of digital screens on their eyes.3 So with a new term starting, why not get your child ready to go back to school with Hype.’s eyewear collection? A pair of glasses that can be beneficial to children and teens as they head back to the classroom, whilst being on-trend and fashionable. Check out the collection below:

Clear teen glasses

Looking for something a bit more “grown-up” but with a hint of playfulness? Then these clear Hype. glasses are the ones for you. The classic round-eye shape has had a modern twist with its translucent acetate frame. And the touch of lilac that runs through the frames allows any teen to personalise their school uniform and stand out from the crowd.

In a recent Specsavers customer panel, 72% of respondents believed that celebrating a child’s first pair of glasses is important, and these clear frames will do just that.4 The understated shimmer in the frame is the perfect detail to add an element of fun to their next pair of glasses and a great feature to get excited about when it comes to back to school specs!

Simple black glasses

To keep things uncomplicated and sleek, choose a pair of black frames that are guaranteed to complement every school uniform. These round-eye Hype. glasses have a dual-layered front and side, and feature Hype.’s signature print on the temple and temple tip. This contrasting red and white, against the black, adds a pop of colour whilst keeping the brand at the fore — a feature that many teens and children opt for.

Or if your child prefers a strong square shape, then these black acetate glasses are a bold classic. Making a statement with their thick and prominent design, they’re a simple accessory for the face and follow the trend of paying homage to retro styles.

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Colourful children’s glasses

A great way to add a pop of colour whilst still sticking to the school uniform regulations is through a bright choice of eyewear. These rectangular shaped frames from Hype. are the ideal combination of a classic shape with a subtle addition of colour. The glasses are an ombre design, with a little hint of pink and purple, and add a funky element to the basic frame. The first rule is always to feel comfortable in your glasses, and these frames do just that by allowing any child to incorporate their own personal style into their back to school look.

Matte frames for student glasses

For older school children, the priority might be to keep things sophisticated and these 

matt-black glasses are the best of the bunch. The straightforward design has a subtle Hype. branding on the side and is a surefire way to keep any school uniform or outfit minimalistic. The versatile design will work perfectly in and outside the classroom, allowing any teen to feel confident wherever they go whilst still protecting their eyes in front of every screen.

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Heading back to school can be a challenge in itself, so why not ease your child into the transition of new glasses and a new term with the help of Hype.? The back to school collection allows children and teens to explore their own personalities whilst being beneficial for their eyesight and keeping within their school regulations. Learn more about your child’s eyecare here

Want to check out the new range before buying? Use our virtual try-on guide to see what different Hype. glasses suit your child best. For more glasses inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog now.


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