Returning customers

Do I need to register?

No, you do not need to register to purchase from this website. However, setting up an account will mean you can place your orders quicker, track your orders online and receive news about promotions.

If I register now, can I change my details later? 

Yes. You can update your details at any time by going to Login, Manage My Account and editing your details.

How do I repeat my last order?

After you have logged into the Website, click the Express Reorder button in the top right corner of the screen. Your Express Reorder, delivery address and payment details will default to the last order you placed online.

For new orders, do I have to re-enter my details?

No. Only your prescription details (if they've changed) and your payment details. (For security reasons, your card number is not held on our system once your transaction is completed). If your personal details, including your delivery address, haven't changed, you don't need to enter them again.

Can I change the details in my account at any time?

Yes. For example, if your home, billing or delivery addresses have changed or you if have a new telephone number, simply sign in to Your Account and select "My Details" and simply update the fields as necessary. If you need to update your prescription, simply sign in and select "My prescriptions" and follow the instructions on screen.

How do I keep track of my orders?

Sign in to Your Account, select "My Orders", and you'll find up-to-date details of your transactions, including the status of your current orders.