Ordering and registration

Adding to your basket

To add products to your basket, find the product you require, enter your specification then click Add to Basket.

Do I need to register?

No, you do not need to register to purchase from this website. However, setting up an account will mean you can place your orders quicker, it enables you to use our Express re-order feature and you can track your orders online.

Should I sign in every time I visit Specsavers online?

You don’t have to sign in, but if you do you'll find it quicker when you come to place an order - our Fast Track Re-order function enables you to order the same contact lenses as last time with just a few clicks. Also, signing in allows you to view the details and status of your orders.

How do I repeat my last order?

If you want to order the same lenses time after time, and you have registered with the site, you can re-order from Specsavers in minutes. Sign in to your account with your password and click Express Re-order. You do not need to give us your personal details again when reordering.

For new orders, do I have to re-enter my details?

If you have ordered from us before, and you have registered with the site, you can place an order using your personal details including your delivery address, from a previous order.

Can I change the details in my account at any time?

Yes. For example, if your address has changed or you have a new telephone number or email address, sign in to your account, select Change My Details and update the information as necessary.

How do I keep track of my orders?

Sign in to your account, select Order History, and you'll find up-to-date details of your transactions, including the status of your current orders.