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Would modern hearing aids help me?

I stopped using an analogue hearing aid some 20 years ago because of repeat infections? My drum is perforated (despite repair ops )and skin was quickly sensitive to insert. I declined implant/ further operation as my other ear was good and I was used to managing with one good ear. Hearing down generally now as I age, and I wear glasses always so I wondered if progress in aids could make use of aid feasible for me, with or without using the spectacle frames.


There has been a great deal of progress in the technology of hearing aids over the last few years which means more people than ever with hearing loss can get help. In your specific situation, dependent on the level of your hearing loss, it may be possible to request an 'open fit' system which is less likely to cause infections as the ear is not completely blocked by an earmould. It may also be that your previously good ear is now starting to show signs of 'wear and tear' with age so you may benefit from a hearing aid in that ear. I would advise you to have a new hearing assessment and talk to the audiologist about the different options available.

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