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Would in-the-ear hearing aids help me?

I have had severe hearing loss in my left ear for the past 6 months (it was sudden loss). After having several hearing tests and an MRI scan, I have been given a hearing aid in my left ear.I was just wondering if the hearing aids bought privately would provide me with better hearing than the NHS ones, and what options I had for the 'type' of hearing aid? Would it be possible to wear the small in ear only hearing aids are would they not be suitable for my level of hearing loss?


Without knowing your exact level of hearing loss (and other relevant factors), it is difficult to comment on your suitability for in-the-ear hearing aids. Whilst the quality of modern NHS hearing aids is? good, there is usually no choice in terms of style of aid. I would suggest that you contact your local Hearing Centre who will be available to advise you on which styles of aid are suitable for your individual hearing loss and lifestyle requirements.

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