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Can I get better hearing aids at Specsavers?

I already wear hearing aids made by Phonak. My hearing loss is slight for low sounds but profound for high sounds. My current digital hearing aids have 16 channels which can be adjusted on fitting. I also have 4 settings currently for normal, face to face, hearing loop and music. I have an iCom for use with my mobile phone as I cannot hear it ringing without.I need my hearing retested and I will need to replace my aids as one of them has been damaged but is still working at the moment. Can Specsavers hearing aids match or better my current aids please ?


Specsavers provide hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers, including Phonak. We have the latest technology available, including those with blue tooth streaming for use with remote controls, mobile phones and televisions. Make an appointment at your local Specsavers Hearing Centre (see website for details) and you'll be delighted to find that we are around half the cost of our high street competitors.

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