At some point, many people who wear glasses are likely to wonder whether they might prefer contact lenses. Glasses and contact lenses each have different benefits, and many people tend to switch between both.

Which option you choose to wear will depend on things like convenience, comfort, your overall eye health, what your lifestyle is like, and your budget.

Here, we’ll cover five benefits contact lenses offer that might make them a more convenient option for some people.

Freedom and flexibility in sports and exercise

One of the main advantages of using contact lenses over glasses is the freedom they can offer. For example, when playing sports, glasses can get in the way, and may even cause an injury or break during contact sports.

Contact lenses can also offer better peripheral vision than glasses, which is helpful not just for sports, but when driving, too.

Clarity no matter the weather

Your vision can also be slightly restricted when wearing glasses in certain weather conditions, such as in rain or snow. Droplets landing on your glasses mean you won’t be able to see as clearly, and you’ll have to keep wiping and drying the lenses. Cold weather can also cause glasses to fog up, too.

A range of options

Contact lens technology has improved no end in the last decade or so. It’s now possible to get contact lenses especially for people with astigmatism, and even for varifocal wearers.

Change up your look

Contact lenses are a great option if you fancy switching up your style, or you just want to show off your eyes a bit more. And, because you can’t see regular contact lenses, they don’t need to match anything.

A fresh change

For some people, wearing contact lenses can be life changing. Contact lenses offer freedom from having to wear glasses day in and day out.

For those with high prescriptions who are self-conscious about having thick lenses in their glasses, contact lenses can be a great alternative. They’re practically invisible, and many types can be worn for long periods of time.

Thinking of trying contact lenses?

If you’re interested in trying contacts, book a contact lens consultation with your optician for a chat about which types of lenses are right for you. Then we can start you off with a free trial if you’d like to give them a go.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about contact lenses and eye health, you can find more information here.