Gorpcore glasses: Eyewear for an adventure

Welcome to the latest streetwear trend: gorpcore. The term ‘GORP’ is an acronym for ‘Good Old Raisins and Peanuts’ which is a hiker’s snack of choice, This aesthetic embraces the outdoors, taking “dad” clothing made cool to the next level.

Think popular outdoor brands such as Timberland, high-performance hiking gear out of context, and importantly sports-style wraparound shades. This trend takes ‘ugly’ dad clothing to the next level with just a sprinkle of streetwear and styling. Find our top gorpcore sunglasses and glasses picks here.

Gorpcore sunglasses

Ace gorpcore sunglasses with the Sun Sprinter Rx frames. Black acetate, wraparound, prescription sunglasses with a choice of clear, yellow, or blue mirrored lenses depending on your environment.

Pair with your waterproof trousers, a windbreaker, a beanie and hiking boots for an active Sunday in your gorpcore get up.

Choose an iconic athleisure brand for this streetwear trend, like adidas Sport with a pair of sturdy, acetate sunglasses. These gorpcore sunglasses have matte-navy rubber sides for additional comfort. Slip these frames on with your most comfortable go-to tracksuit for a cosy, winter fit. 

Tonal grey is a classic gorpcore colour scheme perfect for the winter outdoor environment. Even better, greyscale is super easy to match with almost every colour of clothing, from everyday wear to hiking apparel.

Reach for the Specsavers Prevelly Sun Rx frames and pair them with trending grey jeans to neutral cargos depending on your activity.

Wraparound sunglasses are all the rage this past year and 2024 is set to continue favouring this popular style. Loved for their comfort with a cool streetwear edge, the Specsavers Sea Bream Sun Rx sunglasses are the perfect option. Choose between blue and black colourways for the best fit with your wardrobe. 

Add a pop of colour to the traditionally neutral gorpcore aesthetic with Superdry sunglasses. These wide, glossy-black sunglasses have rectangular lenses suited to most face shapes. Featuring bright-orange, textured rubber branding for that much needed dopamine kick.

Gorpcore glasses

Timberland is the ultimate cult classic outdoor brand, with years of grounding in the hiking and backpacking world making them a foolproof choice for anyone wanting to approach gorpcore style this year.

Try the TB1759-1 optical glasses to bring gorpcore into your everyday accessories selection. These frames could easily be paired with gorpcore streetwear as much as a classic office fit.

Another gorpcore brand to keep on your radar? Superdry. Combining American styling with Japanese-inspired graphics, this brand constantly develops cool outdoor clothing.

Trial these browline glasses by Superdry. With a subtle blue-to-grey colour palette, these frames could be the perfect accompaniment to camouflage pieces.

Are you all for the Coquette trend? Then why not incorporate the two by combining a hyper-feminine colour palette with the outdoorsy sporty style? For instance, these adidas Originals glasses.

The crystal-pink acetate is the perfect addition to a girly streetwear collection. Try creating a neutral outfit and accessorize with pastels from pink glasses to a purple hat and orange gloves.

Consider rubber temples for extra comfort when slipping frames underneath sporty headbands, beanies and scarves.

That’s exactly what you’ll find with the adidas Sport glasses fit with two-tone rubber temples, deep square lenses and a modern, flat browline. Perfect for layering on top of cosy accessories.

Specsavers Tech Specs Sport 09 frames are the perfect gorpcore glasses.

Complete with rubberised skull fit temple that is designed to grip to the natural shape of your head, and an innovative three-piece, screwless hinge mechanism. The devil is in the detail.

These are an everyday pair of glasses that edge on gorpcore aesthetic but could easily be paired with a relaxed fit too.

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