Home eye tests - FAQs

Do I qualify for a home eye test?

To qualify for a home visit, you need to be eligible for a free NHS-funded eye test (which you can check here) and are unable to leave your home to visit an optician unaccompanied due to a physical or mental illness or disability. If you meet these conditions you can have a free NHS-funded eye test at home regardless of whether you live in your own house, flat or a care home.

How long do I need to wait to get an appointment?

This depends on where you live and the availability of your home visits team. We are required to notify the NHS in advance of your appointment, so if we are seeing up to two people at the same address we have to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, and if we are seeing more than two people at the same address this increases to three weeks. 

Can I get an urgent appointment if I need to be seen straight away?

If an urgent appointment is required, please give your local home visits team a call to discuss your problem and we will try to see you as soon as possible after the 48-hour notification period that we’re required to give the NHS. 

Are there any costs associated with a home visit?

You may be entitled to a free NHS-funded home eye test – you can check if you’re eligible here.  

For sales of glasses carried out in a home environment, we usually charge what’s known as a Domiciliary Pricing Supplement of £25. It reflects the increased costs involved with delivering a home service to customers, such as making individual visits to deliver and adjust glasses in people’s homes.  
We do not apply the charge in these instances: 
• for our initial visit and provision of the free NHS-funded eye test 

• if there is no need for glasses 

• if you purchase glasses from our £15, £30 and £50 ranges and have a full NHS optical voucher, allowing us to provide fully funded glasses to qualifying customers.

How do I cancel a home visit?

You can cancel a home visit by calling us on 0800 198 1132* - our staff will be happy to rearrange the visit, if necessary.

Is a home visit best for dementia patients?

Our Specsavers optometrists can perform various eye tests at home for anyone who cannot travel to a store unaccompanied, such as those living with dementia. We have partnered with Dementia Friends to make sure all of our visiting opticians undergo specialist training to support the needs of people with dementia, and deliver the same level of care that you are used to in-store.

If I have had an eye test already can I just have glasses dispensed?

Yes, if your prescription is less than two years old and you are a Specsavers customer, we can dispense your glasses. If you have had your eyes tested elsewhere you would need to have a copy of your prescription for us to do this. 

How long will it take for glasses to be delivered?

Your glasses will normally be with you around 2-3 weeks after being ordered. 

Does the eye test at home include a diabetic screening?

Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out diabetic screenings at home as the equipment is too large to travel with. We will examine your eyes and may use drops to make the pupils larger so that we can check the health of your eyes. If we see anything concerning, we’ll refer you to your GP. 

What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during home visits?

Safety remains a priority so we are following the College of Optometrists’ and NHS Englands guidelines regarding PPE. Before our appointments we will also call to ask questions about whether you have any symptoms or have been in contact with any with Covid-19. Find out more here

*Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes