As a health care provider, we always strive to deliver the highest clinical and hygiene standards, including regular handwashing and cleaning equipment between customers. But, given the threat we are all facing from COVID-19, we have brought in some new measures to try and combat the spread of the virus:

  • Our service in England remains in operation for emergency and essential eye care only - please use this form to book an appointment.
  • We always call before our appointments to ensure a home visit is suitable, and we won’t visit anyone who prefers us not to at this time.
  • We are following the College of Optometrists' and NHS England guidelines regarding use of PPE 
  • Hand sanitisers are being used throughout the day by all our home visit colleagues, and particularly before we enter homes. 
  • In line with government decisions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all home visit services are temporarily suspended in these countries. 
  • If you have previously ordered glasses but not yet received them, we will contact you to arrange either postal or doorstep delivery 
  • Our home visit teams are separate to our store businesses, which means they have no interaction with store customers or the general store environment
  • We are still able to book you a future appointment across all of the UK please use this form to book.


“We want our home visit customers to feel reassured and we’re committed to doing everything we can to make sure we can continue to deliver a safe service and experience when we visit them in their home.”

Melanie Roberts, General Manager Specsavers Home Visits

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