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Should I get my daughter's hearing tested?

My three and a half year old girl is suddenly having hearing difficulty , she normally has perfect hearing but over the last few days I am having to repeat everything I say to her a few times . I'm getting concerned now as I can't see a reason for it , she is not pulling at her ears and denies pain in them , her nose is a bit snuffly but has no temperature. What do you think please?


It is very common for children to go through periods of appearing not to hear well, particularly if they are 'a bit snuffly'. It can often be caused by a build up of fluid in the middle ear or a blocking of the Eustacian tube which connects the middle ear to the back of the throat. If she does not complain of pain or have a temperature, the best advice is watchful waiting. The symptoms will often clear up by themselves within a couple of weeks. If they persist and you are still concerned, visit your GP for advice in the first instance.

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