Free hearing aid aftercare

We want you to get the most from your hearing aids. That’s why all our hearing aids come with a four-year guarantee, free aftercare and, for non-rechargeable hearing aids, four years’ worth of batteries.

  • Four-year
  • Free
  • Four years’ worth
    of batteries

A guide to using and
hearing aids

How to insert your hearing aids

  • Different hearing aids have different insertion techniques, but you’ll be shown how yours fit in store.
  • Your hearing aids come with coloured tabs printed on them: red goes in your right ear and blue goes in your le. If your hearing aids aren’t inserted properly, they might not help your hearing as much as they could – and they might cause a little discomfort and some feedback.
  • But if your aids are uncomfortable, despite being fitted properly, get back in touch with your hearing aid audiologist in store.
  • And if your aids are inserted properly and you can still hear feedback, check our troubleshooting guide for possible causes and ways to fix them.

How to fit in-the-ear hearing aids

How to fit behind the ear hearing aids

How to fit open ear hearing aids

How to fit in the canal hearing aids

Cleaning your hearing aids

  • Your hearing aids will benefit from regular cleaning.
  • You’ll be shown how to clean your hearing aids, but there are a few simple rules to remember, so make sure you’re comfortable with them.
  • If you have any questions about cleaning your hearing aids, your hearing care professional is always available to explain it to you.

How to clean open ear hearing aids

How to clean in-the-ear hearing aids

Changing your hearing aid batteries

How hearing aids work

How to use hearing aids

Getting the best from your hearing

Using hearing loop systems

Hearing aid domes

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Free advice on how to use your hearing aids, free basic maintenance, free replacement batteries and fully trained teams available in store to help.