With technology always advancing, new hearing aid apps have emerged to help make life with hearing aids even easier. But what do these apps do, and can you use them with your hearing aids? Well, we’re here to answer these questions and give you all the information you need to know about these new and helpful apps.

What is a hearing aid app?

Hearing aid apps connect your smartphone to your hearing aids and allow you to adjust settings and other features on your hearing aids without having to fiddle with the device itself. With the help of these apps, Bluetooth® hearing aids have developed in recent years and can now do so much more with the help of your smartphone.

You can download most hearing aid apps from the Apple App Store, Android App Store, or directly from the brand’s website.

How do hearing aid apps work?

Just download your chosen app and connect to your hearing aids via Bluetooth. Importantly, these apps are only compatible with Bluetooth hearing aids, so you need to make sure you have these if you want to use any hearing aid app. Find out more about our Bluetooth hearing aid range here.

Some apps or features within the app will need a more up-to-date software version on iOS and Android devices, so check the minimum requirement for your device.

What features are available through hearing aid apps?

Different apps will have different key features on them, so have a look at the features of the app you’re looking at to make sure it can do what you need. Here are some of the common features on the majority of hearing aid apps:

Adjust your hearing aid settings

One of the most convenient uses of hearing aid apps is that they allow you to easily adjust settings on your hearing aids. This can be anything from changing the volume or program, to making bass, mid and high tone adjustments. You can also save your preferences or choose from a number of pre-set scenarios (such as Restaurant or Watching TV) to make it easier to move between different environments.

And the best thing about this feature is that you don’t have to fiddle around with the hearing aid itself, making adjustments discreet and easy, especially when you’re out and about.

Find your lost hearing aids

If you tend to misplace your hearing aids, then this feature will be very helpful for you. Many hearing aid apps have a feature that will show you the last known location of the paired hearing aids when the app was running, so you can retrace your steps back to your hearing aids.

This feature can usually only accurately trace your hearing aids back to a building — so if you know you’ve lost your hearing aids in your house, the app can’t tell you which room they’re in, just that they’re in your house.

Connect your hearing aids to streaming devices

Perhaps one of the most modern features of some of these hearing aid apps is that you can connect your hearing aids straight to your streaming device. Connecting directly to your TV, computer or other device will allow you to hear streamed audio more clearly by cutting out any background or interfering noises.

Allow your audiologist to adjust your hearing aid remotely

You can feedback to your audiologist about how you’re getting used to the new aids and they can help adjust your hearing aids exactly to your liking. This can be in real time or at your own leisure.

If you’re having an issue with your hearing aid settings (such as the volume is too soft or too loud, muffled sounds or background noise are becoming too distracting), some apps have the ability to allow your audiologist to do it for you. Your audiologist can remotely change the settings of your hearing aids through your mobile phone, meaning you don’t have to go into the store to have small adjustments made to your devices.

In fact, as part of our hearing aid aftercare package, we offer a free remote fine-tuning service where we can remotely change the settings of your hearing aids through your mobile phone. Find out more about hearing aid aftercare here.

What hearing aid apps are available?

With so many options available, it can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to finding the right one for you. Many of these apps are available to download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Here’s a list of the best hearing aid apps compatible with our hearing aid range: 

Which apps are compatible with my hearing aids?

Hearing aid apps are compatible with most Bluetooth hearing aids, but it's worth checking on the app website or app store before making a purchase or download. If you have any other questions or issues connecting your hearing aids to an app, we recommend asking your audiologist for some help.

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