From nose-pinching and rubbing behind the ears, to slipping and sliding — ill-fitting glasses can be uncomfortable and can make wearing them more of a hindrance than a help. If you’ve bought them online or can’t get to a store to have them fitted, there are a few ways to make your frames fit a little more comfortably and reduce any irritation. Just follow our handy tips and tricks below.

Why are my glasses uncomfortable?

There are a range of different reasons why your glasses could be causing you discomfort, from frame shape and size, to the material they’re made from. When it comes to fit, you can use a few reference points on your face to help determine how comfortable a pair of glasses will be, including your eyebrows, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and temples. As a rule of thumb, the sides of your glasses (the bits that go behind your ears) shouldn’t touch your temples or cheekbones. It’s also important that the sides don’t curve before they meet your ear, as they might end up hurting your ears and slipping down your nose. If the sides are too short, then they’ll feel too tight and you may find they dig into your nose and leave marks.

The bridge (the part that sits on your nose) should be neither too loose, nor too tight. A narrow bridge may pinch and make your nose sore, but a too-wide bridge may cause your glasses to keep sliding down your nose. Take a look at our frame size guide for more information on how they should fit correctly.

How do I stop my glasses from digging into my nose?

A properly fitted pair of frames shouldn’t dig in or leave marks on your nose. If your glasses are digging in or pinching your nose, it’s a sign that the bridge or nose pads are too tight or the bend on the side is not in the right place for you. Your optician is best qualified to make adjustments to the frame and nose pads to make them more comfortable. They’ll use specialist equipment to make tweaks until you’re happy with the fit. It’s best not to try this yourself as you might end up damaging your glasses in the process.

How to prevent glasses from hurting your ears

If your glasses hurt or rub behind your ears, then the sides will need to be adjusted. Your optician will use specific tools to measure and adjust the length and curvature of the sides so that they fit comfortably to the shape and size of your head and ears. Again, it’s best to leave this part to a professional as you could end up bending your frames out of shape.

What type of glasses are most comfortable?

If you’ve been having trouble with your current frames and adjustments haven’t helped, it may be time to switch to a more comfortable pair. Look for glasses with special features like silicone nose pads, soft tips at the end of the sides and lightweight frames, like those in our ComFit range. Their soft additions make them less likely to rub or cause irritation, and lightweight frames mean they’re less noticeable while wearing them.

If you find that some metal frames irritate your skin, you might be allergic to the nickel within them. Instead try a titanium pair — they’re lightweight and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Tips for adjusting your glasses at home

We’d never recommend making drastic changes to your frames or taking them apart yourself — this should be left to your optician. But there are some tips and tweaks you can try at home to make your glasses a little more comfortable short term:

  • If your glasses hurt your ears, try applying a little baby powder behind your ears to reduce friction and any moisture that might cause irritation
  • If you’re constantly pushing your glasses up, it could just mean that the hinges are a little loose. You could try tightening the screws on either side with a small screwdriver — although be careful not to undo them and risk loosening the frame.

If you’re ever unhappy with the fit or comfort of your glasses, we’re here to help. Just bring them into your local store, and one of our opticians can make some simple adjustments to help them fit comfortably.

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