If you have dry eyes, you know how important it is to keep them hydrated. There are many reasons why dry eye may occur — but for some people, wearing glasses can help to ease dry eye symptoms, depending on the type of frames you choose. So, what exactly should you be looking for when selecting a frame if you have dry eye? We’ll explain how to find the right pair for your eyes below.

Can wearing glasses cause dry eyes?

You can develop dry eyes for a whole range of reasons — the good news is that wearing prescription glasses rarely causes them. However, a pair that is poorly fitted or the wrong design for your needs can contribute to the problem and potentially affect the quality of your vision. So, if you think your glasses might be the culprit, it’s worth taking a look at our frame size guide to get a feel for how they should fit, and visiting your optician to see if your prescription needs updating. 

Other reasons for dry eyes can include wearing contact lenses for too long or environmental factors such as dust and wind. In addition, staring at digital screens for too long can cause us to blink less, meaning our eyes are hydrated less often by the lids and tear glands.1, 2

Learn more about what causes dry eyes here.

Do glasses help with dry eyes?

Glasses can protect your eyes from environmental factors that cause them to dry out, such as cold air from a ceiling fan or dust and debris. If you wear contacts everyday and are prone to dehydrated eyes, give your eyes a break by switching to glasses every now and then, which should help to ease your symptoms. 

If, as we’ve mentioned above, your current glasses are the cause of your dry eyes, then a well-fitting pair with an up-to-date prescription is a simple fix. It’s also possible to upgrade your lenses with treatments that can help to ease the impact of factors, such as computer eye strain, which can make your eyes feel sore and dry.

Choosing glasses for dry eyes

When it comes to glasses that help protect your eyes from drying out, we’d recommend choosing a wraparound style or a larger design to provide more coverage. These tend to have bigger frames, and thicker arms which protect your eyes from all angles against dust, wind and debris. They’re also a great choice if you’re prone to hay fever, as they help shield against pollen and allergens.

If you find that your eyes are the most impacted by digital screens, you might be experiencing digital eye strain. Find out more about glasses for screen protection here.

Find the right pair for your eyes

Just because your glasses are functional, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.
You can browse our full collection of glasses online — we suggest larger, wraparound style frames for dry eyes. You can even try on as many pairs as you like with our virtual try-on tool before deciding on the right ones.  

Take a look at our Buyer’s Guides for more information on the different types available, or visit our #LoveGlasses blog for some style inspiration.

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